Off the Rails

Oh, hello there, ModBloggers! Hope the solstice treated you well. Our week begins with one of the great minds of our time, Myke, having one of his patented “Eureka!” moments, but will we ever know what’s going on inside that head? An idea for a renewable energy source? A way to save newspapers…through song? Hamburger earmuffs that effectively deal with the complexities of the Pickle Matrix? I’m sure we’ll find out when the time is right.

Welcome back, folks, but don’t get any big ideas.

(Tattoo done at Blue Lotus Tattoo and The Piercing Lounge on a rainy Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin.)

12 thoughts on “Off the Rails

  1. 1. Thats pure adorable.
    2. Is it sad I got excited when I saw the words “Nude” and “Radiohead” together?

  2. @ #4 yea its already gone after a week or so. Last time I saw it, there was only a few lines left.

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