I Never Visit

Hoo boy, would you look at that? That…well…that’s just plain vulgar, isn’t it? Yes sir. Misogynistic? Absolutely. Just generally distasteful and offensive? Undoubtedly. Yep, something like that is damn-near sure to instigate a host of heated comments. Yes, indeed.

(It sure is well done though, isn’t it? Tattoo by Josh Weir. Also: Paging Mike Beer! Mike Beer to the courtesy phone!)

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65 thoughts on “I Never Visit

  1. LOL! Disgusting, yes.
    —- but why? I certainly hope he doesn’t have kids HAHAHA!

  2. oh..i wish it was on mike, that’s something suited for him i guess ^^ nevertless being distasteful and offensive it’s a really well done tattoo…loved it xD

  3. Maybe shouldn’t have opened that up onto the screen while my mother was in the room…

  4. Can’t see any offending content here. And the Witchhunt for Mike Beer is ridiculous.

    Just my opinion.

  5. WHY!!
    does not compute.

    it’s weird how i can see 43986 crazy genital piercings or random implants and heavy mods and not think much of it, but a creampie’d vag tattooed on someone’s leg is what really makes me go “..the hell?!”.

  6. Well done, sure.
    Still don’t really know why someone would want that tattooed, though.
    But as always, to each their own. :]

  7. I didn’t even see that it said destroy until I looked at it again.
    I kind of wonder if this lowers this persons chances of actually seeing the real thing.

  8. It doesn’t really look that well done.

    I can appreciate someone getting something like this on what looks like the back of their calf. It’s ballsy.

  9. Some of the highlights are a little too hard but all in all it’s pretty damn good.

    @19: as I’m sure the wearer and our friend Mike the hunted can attest to, no. no it doesn’t lessen the chances at all. Quite the opposite actually.

  10. WHY. I usually don’t question people’s tattoos but wtf would make anyone wanna get this marked on themselves?

  11. 25: I’m really glad that I’m not the only one way more concerned with the fact that the fingers are missing a joint than the fact that someone tattooed a body part on a body part.

  12. haha that is so funny I have taken pictures like this before! minus the blood though….

    sick tatt!!!!

  13. Yeah, that’s going to look really great when all that bristly leg hair grows back in. Seriously, do people even take that into consideration?!

  14. I can’t believe someone would get a tattoo like this, it’s just really disturbing to see fingers that are missing a knuckle. Just plain wrong.

  15. “not distasteful, just kinky.” <– that actually made me LOL. I don’t know in what culture this could be considered good taste, but it sure ain’t mine :p

  16. You see what really happened is there was a language barrier between him and the tattoo artist. THEN because of an abnormally busy day he fell asleep while being tattooed. It’s a shame really…

  17. just because something isn’t drawn (the pinky) doesn’t mean it isn’t there. so it isn’t missing a knuckle. you don’t see any toes… is she missing those too?

    i like it.

    i wonder if women would be less offended if the blood didn’t say “destroy”

    what if it said “happy birthday?”

  18. eww, when the hair grows back its going to look like hairy man hands on a hairy unshaven pussy. yuck. i agree with the knuckle comments. It’s rather weird she/(later he) doesn’t have any knuckles….

  19. So, this person wants to destroy vaginas? Or thinks that vaginas will destroy something? Or what?

    The vagina is beautiful.

  20. The bloody DESTROY is what turns it into a real class act…and I was wondering the same as #43. Is it destroy the vagina or a destroying vagina?

  21. umm, i think the vagina wants nothing to do with destruction, its just enjoying bein’ a vagina. its the asshole that wants to destroy.

  22. is this the guy with the white power unicorn on his ass? and the goatsee on his knee

  23. Destroy? What a sad knob! This just makes me think that he’s probably never seen a real vagina or ever will. Who would go near that?

  24. btw, it’s probably just me (as always) BUT is that a fetus\alien hand inside the hole ?
    or it;s just sperm remnants?

  25. I think he should let his leg hair grow back where the labia are, and shave everything else.
    3D tattoo! Now with texture!

  26. Haha, thank you for this undeserved attention, Jordan.

    To answer a few questions: cream pie in the hole, not alien hand. Didn’t want the knuckles to be part of the composition, the eye is supposed to be drawn right to the vagina by the straight lines. The vagina is not destroying, the asshole is being destroyed (the vagina is just enjoying carnal bliss), and Kevin does not have children. He does, however, have three 10-year-old triplet sisters, so this tattoo is going to go over like a fuckin’ brick at family reunions. (He reports that this misogynistic glory has gotten him laid several times, which probably makes it twice as bad… or awesome?)

  27. I don’t really see much feminine outrage here, as was predicted.

    I’m female, and I like this tattoo, haha.

  28. *All spoken in hoity toity new york art buff nose in the air speak…..
    I love how the fingers pointing downward symbolize the lack of respect that the modern woman sees in the everyday, and the blood… symbolizing the fight and struggle for equality. The anus is truly stunning as it proudly exclaims, “here I am! I am not ashamed!”
    This is a visually stunning piece honoring powerful woman and furthering the the the truth that todays woman is just as powerful than a man if not more so!!

    *And now my real thoughts….
    Dude you fucking rule!!!!!

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