Artful Aid

Oh! Ahoy-hoy, ModBloggers! Thanks for joining us today. If you are indeed inside this afternoon, rather than gallivanting outdoors and replenishing your woefully depleted Vitamin D levels (or maybe that’s just me; lousy rickets), well, then the least I can do is start your afternoon with the lovely Li’l Annie Anderson who, apparently, has fallen right on her stomach on that slick floor. What a hazard. Luckily, she seems to be in good spirits about the whole ordeal. And, hey, how about a deal: You get a nice big click-through of our model here, and in exchange, for the rest of the week, nobody acts like someone with a minor lobe blowout (or lobes with a shape that make them look a little blown out) may as well be covered in elephant shit. Deal? Deal. Good doing business with you, folks.

And again, thanks for coming to ModBlog, your number one cannibal resource.

24 thoughts on “Artful Aid

  1. She’s absolutely gorgeous!
    and thankyou, Jordan. People make such big deals out of nothing!
    Hopefully people won’t make rude comments about this wonderful lady’s mods.

  2. i love well placed cheek piercings! and her thigh tattoos are gorgeous. the way she’s contorting makes her chest micro dermals look a bit weirdly placed, or are they supposed to be like that? gorgeous picture and girl and modifications, anyway! yay!

  3. All of her piercings suit her really well. Great!
    Love her thigh tattoos as well.
    Beautiful girl!

  4. I’m curious as to why there isn’t a fourth chest microdermal: is it left out for a reason, is it not done yet, or did it reject/have to be removed?

  5. Oh lord, if its not blow-outs, its the old ‘THIS IS PHOTOSHOPPED’ :p BTW her lobes are totally blown out, I can tell from behind her hair… lol

  6. 19: Are you fucking serious? I guess you just fuck Megan Fox every night…that’s why you can somehow criticize this…
    One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

  7. she’s gorgeous! radiant!srsly!

    the leg on the left looks strangely placed is all. i would have put it differently. <3 beautiful though!

  8. i want herr! and i love symmetry!
    We’re both symetrical and would have symetrical babies [: done.

    @11. I was thinking the same thing!

    I love the way her legs are laying, and her tattoos are really pretty [:

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