Marked the Pretty Beam

Greetings, ModBloggers! It seems like our prayers to the heathen Owl God have worked, as yesterday’s soul-crushing humidity has been washed away by furious thunderstorms! (There are several thousand things your editor would rather do than sweat.) Anyway, to give thanks, here we present a photo of “The Anonymous German,” sporting some rather large stretched nipple piercings, hanging out on the surface of the sun.

Whoa hey, it’s already Thursday! Good times. One question, though: Did you sell me to wanderlust?

9 thoughts on “Marked the Pretty Beam

  1. wut: They’re just there to get you riled up enough to fill your diaper, sweetheart.

  2. them’s be song big-ass nipples.

    jordan, this music…
    HUGE kudos for the mclusky song.
    one of my favourite tunes by them.

  3. Wow, that’s some sturdy shit right there!=)
    Also everytime I look at this picture, I always double take I keep thinking he has suspenders on!

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