The First Michael Jackson Tribute Tattoo?

Look, we all knew it was only a matter of time until the deluge of Michael Jackson tribute tattoos came rolling in. Within a few hours of his death, astute readers had already sent me links to photos of memorial tattoos, and there have already been a handful of newspaper articles about the phenomenon. Naturally. But this one, up there? We have no way of verifying this, but based on what the wearer says, we believe this could be the very first post-death Michael Jackson memorial tattoo. Says he: “I got a call that he had died and 15 minutes later this was drawn up and being tattooed on my arm.” Fifteen minutes! Is your mind blown? Yes. Yes it is. You can admit it.

(Tattoo by Matt Lautar at Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, Virginia.)

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21 thoughts on “The First Michael Jackson Tribute Tattoo?

  1. Wouldn’t it have been funny if he found out another two hours later that it was a hoax? If it had been a hoax, that is.

  2. This was done 15 minutes after CONFIRMATION of his death, not just after she found out.. Way to go Jess.. I love you, I’m in love with you..

  3. I like this a lot! It’s not goofy, over-dramatic or tasteless. It’s a nice gesture and a fitting tribute.

  4. i got the thriller portrait the night of his death, half finished, hopefully finishing it tuesday. pics of it in progress on my iam page

  5. I hate how everyone has been calling him a pedophile for years, and now that he died everyone is like OMGZ I LOVE HIM. -_-

  6. great and powerful mj……I cannot believe this my friend Billy just drew this up for our tribute tattoo..his is still betta..this rules though ..great minds think alike

  7. Ben was my favorite Michael Jackson song and i kind of miss the King of Pop now that he is forever gone. I still have my collection of michael jackson cassetes in the old days..

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