The Boughs They Break

Good day, fair ModBloggers! Now, would you look at this: The lovely Natasha has taken quite a tumble! Whoever left out this ottoman in a dark room should be ashamed of themselves. She was just on her way to the kitchen, in the middle of the night, to pour herself a glass of ginger ale, and then bam, a nasty, avoidable spill. Granted, it’s a nice view for us, and hey, who doesn’t love the asymmetric back-piece? For a more direct view, take a gander after the jump.

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23 thoughts on “The Boughs They Break

  1. very nice, incredible effect for the wood.
    i mean the tree.

    who did it?

  2. Very nice! Is it just me, or does it almost look like her panties in the first pic is a tattoo too? :P

  3. Damn if she isn’t just plain purty. What an arse too. Love the panty illusion, lol. Tattoo has nice colours as well. Glad to see a few lovely ladies here to balance out all the wangs

  4. Cherry blossoms in tattoos have never been my favourite flowers, but I like these ones. Might be because the blossoms are white with pink outlines instead of the peltals being pink.

  5. the tattoo is really nice…..and the top pic is very hot!!
    i love girls in that position…chest down with butt up in the air…HOT!
    but like i said…..the tattoo is nice too :)

  6. Meh, I was hoping that the click through was gonna concentrate on that wonderful ass of hers. It’s simply MADE for doggystyle.

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