Her Reflection Looks Concerned

We mentioned a little while ago that friend of BME Meg Barber was doing a short guest-spot tour before packing up for sunny Los Angeles, and as luck would have it, she decided to check in with this lovely plumeria blossom cutting she did while in scenic Cincinnati, Ohio. Great placement, clean design, crisp lines…I thought about giving it either an A or an A+, but I completely forgot that there’s an A++.

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9 thoughts on “Her Reflection Looks Concerned

  1. i’m really not that impressed with the design though, among other things.

    not a bad cutting, but just not an a++ one.

  2. Meg does great cuttings.
    Who cares what the design is, as long as the wearer loves it!!!!
    I wish I was closer and/or could afford a trip to get her to cut me, she’s awesome and (attempted helpful plug) i know she needs could really use the business. If you like her work, go check her IAM page for info!!!

  3. Once again nice to see a good cutting. Although the flowers remind me of the carrot-cut flowers you get at some restaurants :P

  4. My mole is fine, to the first comment. Lol but thanks for very unnecessary conern. And tha k you for everyone who left ghe lovely comments, as far as the carrrot flowers? Lol I just wanted something girly, soft. It was my first scarification. Meg was an amazing artist, and became a great friend after this. Im very happy with it, healed great!

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