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Good day, fair ModBloggers! Hope the weekend finds you all well. Before you celebrate your country by blowing up a small part of it this evening, take a look at this intense stomach flesh-removal piece on Travis by Dan Marshall while guest-spotting at Studio 13 in Bowmanville, Ontario. After the jump, a few more shots of the procedure (including one a few weeks into the healing process).

Here we have Dan and Travis, horsing around with some sort of medieval death blade. “Please take note of the sweet-ass Soviet tank goggles,” Dan says in between vicious stabs.

And this is the piece about a month and a half into the healing process. There are obviously some slight textural inconsistencies, but, as we’ve seen in the past, six weeks or so is hardly enough time to tell exactly how a scar will end up. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how these progress!

33 thoughts on “Pin Hope On This Promise

  1. for some reason, I’m thinking about all the dirty things I would do to him.

  2. I’m not digging on his belly button jewelry too much, but I love everything about the scar. Here’s hoping it heals well.

  3. It is a lovely design and fits perfectly on his yummy stomach, although it looks a bit like a parasite rash (ringworm anyone?) in its healing stage! Love to see it fully healed.

  4. Awesome design although in my humble opinion i dont think it scarred very well, obviously not even.

    The procedural shots look like great clean circles so i would put this down to the persons healing rather than the artist.

    Personally if it was me i would try and have crazy “raised” black dots by then tattooing into the scar tissue after its healed, would creating a really nice raised scar effect while keeping the dots symmetrical.


  5. Holla for dudes with pierced navels! But anyway, I totally love the scarification, that top photo is definitely intense, ouch!

  6. I definitely think there should be a “Jordan makes a subtle ‘Simpsons’ reference” tag added to posts like this one.

  7. Haha that’s me! =)
    It was my girlfriend Danimals (Danika) whom took the photographs, and the work was done by Dan Marshall but since the link went to her page instead of his I thought I’d clear it up and throw up some links.
    Dan works at Sacred Balance in Calgary Alberta, and was guest spoting over the March break at our shop.

    Dans iam ->
    and his website ->

    The design was inspired by crop circles and was just whipped up in Photoshop. The scars are still a little inconsistent in spots but overall it’s healing up nicely. And I’ve been able to add some electrocautery by Rob Hill ( over my navel to tie into the design. My really shallow icky navel going away to make room for a scalpeled lower navel in the near future.

    aka Travis

  8. teh first picture looks like a torso that has been chopped off to me ha. very nice.

  9. Re: #13

    that’s the first thing I thought too! Especially when the text says “…take a look at this intense stomach flesh-removal piece …” I thought “NO SHIT”

  10. @3 – Saaaame.
    I love this. It healed really nicely and those circles are perfect.

  11. So I’m not crazy! I thought it was a bloody limbless torso at first too. I had to take a 2nd glance to check it wasn’t.
    These are gorgeous scars though

  12. Re: Bones. I totally saw that and went “crop circles” lmao. I’ve seen photos of the crop circle that design is from :P

  13. #3 I’m with you! The first thing that came into my head when I was the healed shot was “I wonder what it would feel like to lick tose!)

  14. #3 I’m with you! The first thing that came into my head when I was the healed shot was “I wonder what it would feel like to lick those!’

  15. Is it just me…. or does it look like he has no legs in the first shot?

    “‘Tis but a flesh wound!”
    “Come back ere, I’ll bite yer legs off!”

  16. I too thought he had no lower half in the first shot, but… he has one of the most adorable/sexy tummies ever. Those look so cool so far :), I do love the design.

  17. Muy higienico y de bonito tiene bien poco…lo que hace no tener nada que hacer

  18. @ 23, There’s a few examples of crop circles with the basic design the same. I found one, traced around the circles and just copy pasted them until I was happy with the design.

    @ 24, I’m excited to get more work done =)

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