Till You Drop

Good day, folks! Another holiday weekend has come and gone, and now we will be at work for the rest of our lives. Hooray. Anyway, what better way to kick off a period of Sisyphean drudgery than with our lovely asymmetrical friend up there? We’ve admired her off-balance work (and 26 mm. lobes, of course) by Efix at D-Markation in the past, and now here she is all fancied up, ostensibly for prom night. And hey, who doesn’t like a purple dress? Another shot, of course, after the jump.

It’s Monday, ModBloggers. I only do these things to freak you out.

17 thoughts on “Till You Drop

  1. omg..for a second i thought she only had streched lobes on one side x| i couldn’t handle that..it would be too much..i’m and incredible simmetry lover 😡

    she looks nice…the asymmetrical look fits her ^^

  2. hey!? Why aren’t there 40 shit talking posts about these two yet? Ooooh wait, a more well known figure was mentioned in the description. I forgot that in this scene the only way to attain any sort of admiration or respect is to be someone or know someone in the industry.

    but in my personal opinion, she looks gorgeous! Typically i hate when girls fancy up their hair for prom or equally special events. I wish they’d just do something simple and straight to the point; but this works for her! The dude she’s with should look more thrilled that he has the bell of the ball at his side for the night. ;-D

  3. I normally extremely dislike blonde hair with black in it. I have to admit though, hers ain’t too bad. She’s really pretty too.

  4. Maybe, Just Maybe…
    The Most Beautyful Eyes On This Fucking Planet
    (I’ll Have To Watch Again Just To Be Sure)

    Ok, I’m Convinced…
    Definitely The Most Beautyful Eyes On This Fucking Planet

  5. Damn, that’s actually really subtle. Which is pretty cool in it’s own right.

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