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What, you didn’t think I’d go the whole day without giving y’all a Casual Friday picture, did you? And really, what better way to head into the long weekend than with Cameron, a true American if there ever was one. He’s a simple man who lives by a simple code, who enjoys simple pleasures: He likes his beer cold, his T.V. loud, and his testicles a-danglin’. Click through to de-Bud, of course.

And that’ll be that, kids. What went down this week?

- Andy covered his wang, tilted his chin and showed us his vertical lowbrets.

- BME is having a sexy sex toy sale, and Katy got so excited that she ended up covered in blood somehow.

- Paul Booth won’t let Meghan McCain jump the line. Ha ha.

- Marina checked in with another gorgeous large-scale piece.

- Our unabashed hipster post is at well over 100 comments and counting. I have no absolutely no idea what will spur an emotional reaction from our readers, apparently.

- If you can, please help Matt Brawley and CoRE.

And there you have it! I’ll poke my head in over the weekend, and then we’ll fire this bitch back up on Monday morning. Until then, ModBloggers, enjoy yourselves, stay safe (unless you’re firing off an M80 in my honor, in which case please be as reckless as possible) and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

12 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. Ball Sack …. is that all? least espected some piercing?? Come on!! Mod Blogs letting me down!!

  2. #3, so the fact that he has tattoos, piercings and big lobes is not interresting for modblog?
    I love this picture! Hella funny!

  3. Hahahah. I thought I was going to see some crazy pierced junk… but nope. Just balls.

    Props to ya, made me laugh.

  4. hah! this is great. i have a friend that likes to rock out with his balls out every chance he gets. His name is Party Nate. No, not just Nate. Party Nate. I vote this guys new name is Party Cam.

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