Yield to the Tongue

Whoa hey, fancy! New-to-BME Nadyne checks in with this “endless knot” scarification piece by Timb Wilton at Third Eye Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia. It’s brand new, she says, but she’ll send in more photos as the healing process continues. That’s what we like to hear, Nadyne! And, hey, Mr. Wilton, we like the cut of your jib, too. Fine work all around, folks. And, as luck would have it, we’ve got a procedural shot, after the jump.

21 thoughts on “Yield to the Tongue

  1. Should that mask not be covering his nose ?

    I’d like to see a straight on shot, something looks askew somewhere, if i am not mistaken, her right hip is closer to the camera which is prolly it.

    I really like how everything works together, with what i would _otherwise_ consider shitty bits off flash.
    also, people who leave comments are assholes.

  2. that symbol is an ancient tibetan symbol representing the buddhas infinite wisdom. NOT ENTRAILS

  3. @3:
    It’s centred at her belly button as far as I can tell, and because the images to the left and right are asymmetrical, the image would likely appear that way. The important bit is right, anyways!

    Also, it’s a beautiful piece. 🙂

  4. Oooh so pretty!I think there needs to be more australian-based posts…just because we’re awesome :p

  5. 9) We need more New Zealand based posts 🙂

    That’s awesome though, I’ve been dying to get some scarificiation done, but I don’t know where to go in the Auckland area that’s good..

  6. I don’t really like the dragons on each side….But that’s me, I love that cutting tho 😀

  7. Amazing work, his lines are perfect.

    Would love to get something done… Maybe I need to take a trip to see my HS buddy workin in Oz…

  8. @ glitteranddust
    The asymmetrical tattoos, and as i said, the camera angle / body posture are very likely whats throwing it off.
    judging by the navel and and by the scar work overall i don’t doubt it’s pretty well centered and level, but i still want to see straighter on and less cropped photo.

  9. I am a New Zealander… living in Australia. The knot is smack bang in the middle. I think I moved my mask down just before changing it, those things get yucky after wearing them for a while. Oh and I’m naturally left handed… if your gonna pull me totally apart.

    Nadyne is awesome lady and she sat (lay) like a champ!

  10. Sweet! I just moved to Melbourne and Third Eye is one of the places I was planning to learn more about.

  11. Timb and the guys from Third Eye Tattoo are just awesome! Will be posting more photos of this scar later as it heals.
    Yes it is in the middle. The dragons are very old tattoos that are not even. The dermals ( also done by Timb) are level, but the scars in between them are from an old surface piercing which is out of wack.
    Plus guys I took this photo myself. Sorry will get better ones up later for you.

    This was my first scar and now am planning my next one for Timb to do.

  12. i’d love to stir it some more.
    * tips hat to Timb Wilton & Nadyne *
    I know they get yucky as as hell. i just hate the thought of somebody sneezing on those beautiful fresh lines, and with it being a photo on modblog and all, somebody think of the children etc.
    Good photos, and looking forward to seeing some during/after healing, and the next one.

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