Power Beyond Imagination

You know what the grand irony here is? That lip tattoo is almost 900 years old. True story. Now, I’m not saying Technodeamon is definitely a Highlander, but…Technodeamon is definitely a Highlander. That said, immortal or not, the turquoise-shirt-and-zebra-tie ensemble is sure as hell doing it for me. Fresh, indeed.

It’s already Thursday, ModBloggers! Time flies when you’re looking at BattleDongs. But hey, we’ve both been very brave.

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23 thoughts on “Power Beyond Imagination

  1. the best part of this is the fucking nasty lip stud that’s almost entirely covered in skin. way to go, technodaemon and way to go, modblog.

  2. You, sir, are adorable.

    …you do need to get that jewlery removed from your lip skin, though.

  3. YAY! Finally I get modblogged.

    I have had this tattoo for about… 900 years. But really, I have had it for almost 2 months. I have had it done 3 times and I still need to get it done once more. It will stay!

    And my “lip stud” is perfectly fine. It’s not embedded or anything. It’s just way nested in there. That was my second piercing and it’s been happily healed for over 5 years. It’s in no way, “embedded”.

  4. umm maybe healed but could still get a longer post so it wont erode all that tissue

  5. I fit the jewelry for Steven’s lip piercings. They’re just fine. My philtrum jewelry fits the same way, as a matter of fact. It’s completely healed and fortuately buffered from his gum tissue! Nice smoothly finished flatback discs will sit nicely like this and not cause “erosion” at all.

  6. there is a circle of raised flesh around a tiny speck of flatback. are you really trying to say that the skin has not grown over the jewelry?

  7. My medusa jewelry does the EXACT same thing.
    I can pop it in and out of it’s ‘nest’ any time I feel like it.
    It keeps the flatback off of my gums, and has never caused any problems.

    Cute, Steven. :D

  8. well Lexci..no need to get excited here but I’ve worked in a shop for over 6 years now and we have plenty of jewelry that stays on the outside of the tissue without causing any sort of gum tissue “erosion” or degradation or fucked up id ness or whatever term you would prefer….I use

  9. Why must everone pick on everything they think seems bad about an awesome pic? There are so many reason why a stud may sit like that in a lip. He is pulling it down, you can’t tell how it sits naturally. We’ve got this guy, saying everything’s sweet and his jewellery guru saying the same thing. So lay off! If I had some guy I pierced a month ago in my studio, I’d be worried, but I assume these guys know what they’re on about. I’d rather see a healed, healthy piercing nesting like this than tooth enamel or gum erosion. If nothing else it’ll fix itself up.

    My rambling aside, love that suit.

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