Needles in Their Jaws and Feet

Oh boy. It’s shaping up to be one of those days, isn’t it? The internet connection at The Manor took a shit and died this morning, so bear with me. I’ll make it worth your while, ModBloggers, I swear! You see how much fun that cat up there is having? I promise you’ll be at least as pleased as he (she?) is, if not more. And if that means I get banned from my friendly neighborhood Starbucks for having “inappropriate materials” (read: tattooed wangs) on my laptop screen, then so be it.

And hey, it’s Friday, folks, and we always kinda sorta wished we looked like Elvis.

(Tattoo on TheCrimsonCarnival.)

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22 thoughts on “Needles in Their Jaws and Feet

  1. This tattoo is awesome. And I should know, I’m a half-caste trendwhore with a drop of maori blood.

  2. ok yeah cool artwork but seriously? that looks like some one cut that shit in with a crooked razor blade and smeared ink it it. that tattoo had to fucking hurt.

    some one had to say it.

  3. The band is called Priscilla Sucks. The tattoo is three or four days old in this pic, and it’s done in a scratchy style like the artwork. The spot is a little tender but the style can be done with very minimal trauma and still get that effect. First time I did something in that style actually, kinda going for the Lionel Out of Step or Noon type thing,

  4. I love the ‘sketchy’ look of tattoos like this!

    And THANK YOU when I think cats I think of little genital munching fur balls.

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