New to BME Shop: Stone and Brass by Evolve!

Lordy lordy, is that pretty or what? That’s the Tibetan Agate round front stone plug by Evolve, and it’s just one of many brand new stone products freshly added to BME Shop. Truly beautiful stuff here, as if you needed me to tell you that. Check out some more pieces after the jump, but first:

We’ve also just upped our stock of Evolve’s ornate brass jewelry, including these Ancient Eye brass weights. Get some.

Black Stone Spirals

Rainbow Fluorite Premium Round Front Stone Plugs

Zebra Stone Eyelets

21 thoughts on “New to BME Shop: Stone and Brass by Evolve!

  1. It’s such a bummer that all the realllly pretty plugs don’t come in over an inch. Those rainbow fluorite ones are to die for!!

  2. i have a pair of those weights and they’re pretty tough on my ear lobes. the weight feels nice but the wearing surface of the weights is just too thin. if i wear them for more than an hour or two i start losing circulation. just sayin’.

  3. jojo, i don’t know why you think you can’t get pretty plugs in over an inch. That is definitely not true. Any good studio should be able to order what you’re looking for. i just recently got a pair of 1 1/4″ rainbow flourite teardrops, and a pair of 1 9/16″ mahogany obsidian concave plugs for some friends of mine

  4. Those double flare stone plugs are beautiful and surprisingly affordable. I may be picking up some of those in the future.

  5. granule, with a lot of heavier weights you need to wear them through something to displace the weight. the clear earskins from kaos are great for wearing weights though.

  6. thanks for the point. but, kaos doesn’t make wearable 3″ jewelry… and i think the whole concept of wearing weights inside of jewelry is sort of silly. if a heavy set of weights has a good/functional design, that would make them wearable without unintentional additions.

  7. jojo, there are sites that carry larger sizes and even sites that do custom work. You just have to know where to look.

  8. All of our stone, in all materials including the rainbow fluorite will be available to 2 1/2″ in double concave, and eyelet designs in the next 60 days!!!

  9. These gold looks interesting, Ia’m curious how do they look like in the ear.

  10. Granule: Kaos does make eyelets in 3″. I carry them on BMEshop! 🙂

    The stone from Evolve is absolutely beautiful! They have them in bigger sizes but I’m just stocking up to 1″ right now since they’re a new product.

  11. John, oh, i know. it would just be nice if they were easier to get a hold of. i’m an impulse buyer. if i like something expensive i want to to buy it right then so that way i don’t have time to talk myself out of buying it.

    john durante, i will definitely keep my eyes peeled for those!

  12. Rachel – i was referring to the wearing surfaces not being wide enough (most people that i’ve ever met with ears over 2″ need more of a wearing surface than 1/2″)… not the lack of availability in diameter. should have been more clear.

  13. Those bamboo leaf eyelets are just awesome. And affordable! But if I order anything I’ll have to order more in one go, so as to save some money in the post costs. *starts counting cents*

  14. I almost bought those weights from Fyre Body Arts when I was guesting there…. I really wonder how comfy they would be in the long run, I have 1.5 – 2inch lobes, lately I just wear 00g cbrs in em.

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