A Delicious Torment

Continuing with our tireless effort to bring you the very best in Summer of Dead Celebrities coverage, we announce with heavy hearts that beloved children’s book character/pansexual spokesthing Waldo has passed away, as seen above, looking his Harvey Dent-ish best. Cause of death is unknown, and though he was surrounded by nearly countless bystanders, not a single person claims to have seen him perish. Sources claim those in close vicinity were more interested in trying to find hidden swastikas or in catching topless sunbathers. Reports indicate, however, that Waldo continues to walk the earth, begging to be found, and probably stopping occasionally to eat folk, now that he is a zombie.

(Tattoo by Marty Lacombe at Live Once Tattoos in North Bay, Ontario.)

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13 thoughts on “A Delicious Torment

  1. Hahah 3&5 that’s what I thought!
    6-ooo really?
    Fun story, a fully grown man decided to play dress ups, and I found wally in a crowd of moshers=) I felt accoplished.

  2. thats fucking awesome, i love it, and the description is very well written.

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