Time An Endless Song

Whoa hey, a fine afternoon, isn’t it, folks? Let’s keep the good times rolling with this shot of the very lovely Fran, who is making, to our knowledge, her ModBlog debut. And an impressive debut it is, because, hey, who doesn’t enjoy well placed piercings and understated tattoos (which isn’t to say we aren’t fans of louder ones, either!) on pretty girls? Commie Nazis, that’s who.

(Mickey Mouse keyhole chest tattoo by Niki B at Evolutionary Skin in Birmingham, UK. Photo by FidgetStitch Photography.)

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20 thoughts on “Time An Endless Song

  1. Good god damn. That girl is hot. Time to crack out the lotion and tissues…

  2. People need to learn how to comb out a wig before putting it on their head so they don’t look like they are wearing a cheap 20 dollar wig.

  3. Not trying to be a bitch as this girl looks wicked, but I thought exactly the same thing about the hair, though its not really her fault.
    I mean aren’t modblogged photos that aren’t of amazing work and are just of pretty people usually photoshopped?

  4. Having trouble with comments so apologise if this posts twice…

    The Gawgeous Fran!! there are more of these on my devart if people want to see them. Along with another set of her as Red Riding Hood. Mail me :) Hopefully we will do some more soon!

    And Diva, a wig? Thats her real hair, stop being jealous! :P

  5. Fran is always sexy, it makes me so mad!

    And re: hair haters – please feel free to link us to your amazing hair doos, it’ll be like a loreal spectacular ad or something.


  6. she’s fucking sexy, but come on.. who’s real hair is kool aid red?

    im not saying i don’t like the color, but if anyone can grow kool aid red hair.. i have to ask.. does the carpet match the drapes?

  7. Tsarin, you know I just heard about this stuff they invented recently called “hair dye”.

    Man, gotta get me somma that stuff.

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