The Reeds By The River

We’ve been really privileged to be able to feature so many great bodysuits (or otherwise large-scale tattoo projects) lately, and, while we sadly don’t have the full-body shots to go along here, this is some truly excellent work—especially for the top of the head! On the downside, he will surely never find a job. More shots of our silver fox here and his noggin adornments, after the jump.

(Tattoos by George Bone in Hanwell, London, England.)

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13 thoughts on “The Reeds By The River

  1. I don’t think he should do the face. Not as a “i don’t like facial tattoos” stance, because I do, but it lends to a pretty cool effect to have the dragon’s coils sit at the top and almost “reveal” his face. I like it as it. Very cool stuff and really awesome work.

  2. awesome!
    (on what i assume is a finished bodysuit)

    Much Respect and Admiration!

  3. does this gentleman live in Frimley, Surrey?
    i think ive seen him on the train station a few times

  4. His head is beautiful. He should get some sideburns I can envision the pain he has gone thru to get his head tattooed. Best wishes, InkManLarry

  5. I am the person featured here!
    Thank you all for the positive comments – appreciated!
    To Frimley: – Yes, I do live live here – please say ‘hi’ next time you see me.
    To Larry: – (H! – long time no ‘speak’) I am considering sideburns – should have included in the original design. However, do not want to make a mess of the overall tattoo – any ideas appreciated.

    Finally, I do have a job (which may surprise some!) … I have to pay for this ink!! Fortunately, my employer appears to value the work that I output, rather than judge me simply on my appearance.

  6. Now this is a fucking body suit! So many bright colors and designs and yet they come together nicely.

    To the wearer of the art – get in touch with me if you would be interested in doing an interview.

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