What Am I, A Farmer?

Look, all I’m saying is, I appreciate Fyrezice‘s commitment to time-honored sartorial traditions like the bow-tie and the mustache. Mix that with the cigarette, and this is truly the Mad Men of self-done penectomies. All that’s missing is an 11 a.m. glass of Scotch.

(Disclaimer: This, of course, is not to be glib or to make light of this experience, which was, to be sure, not an endeavor to be taken lightly at all. Lucky for us, he has written down, in great detail, the entire process from start to finish, including not just descriptions of what physically took place, but lengthy discussions of his motivations and his life following the procedure. This is a truly fascinating account—we’d love to interview him, if not for the fact that he’s already gone into so much detail about everything. Eh, maybe we’ll still try. As well, his BME/Hard gallery can be found here.)

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26 thoughts on “What Am I, A Farmer?

  1. Thanks for that disclaimer. Glad to see that modblog finally acknowledges that not everything goes well with pseudo-funny captions.

  2. that buddy is a goooof. talking about his owner and shit? get a life dude, like im all for body mod but this is a joke

  3. This is the first time I’ve ever thought “gross” to a pic on modblog.

    Just thought I’d mention it.

  4. I found his story and website very interesting, thanks for a great read :)

    While not everyone’s body mod you must understand why a person feels compelled to do this before you judge.

  5. This is wonderful.
    I am surprised there has not already been more “ZOMG. WHY? FREAK” assholes hating on this.
    If somebody stumbleupons this i will murder them.

  6. Thats amazing. Anyone else notice it looks like a croissant? And that blog was dually fascinating.

  7. Soooo, that’s a nullo mixed with a split transcrotal?

    Hmmm. I don’t understand.

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  9. While I find this, and similar images interesting, my boyfriend is completely horrified…Anyway, I think this was cool.

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  11. Thanks Dandy for initiating the change in the tone of the comments.

    Lovedarling, my balls are pointy because the scrotum is split. When the scrotal tissue contracts that is the shape that results.

    Yes Diva, the penis is gone, but I did not have a transcrotal. The scrotum was just split. The cigarette is in my urethral opening. The little nub at the top (the nose) is just some extra loose skin that resulted from the way the suturing was done.

  12. @fyrezice great response, eventhough I still don’t really understand why you chose to get rid of your penis… mind explaining why?

  13. its interesting until the part with the penis hole and the penis tree and “other men had dangly things and mine was safely at home in the fridge”. I think has a human you have the right to cut off whatever you want, but I do think you might have some emotional/mental abnormalities, even regardless of the penectomy. This is not meant to be mean, but helpful. I wish you the best of luck.

  14. Some people might have flushed the remains down the toilet, but I simply chose to plant a tree over them to mark the occasion.

    I did not want to offend anyone by referring their pride and joy as a dangly thing. I intended to be humorous, not insulting. In fact I admire other men’s penises very much, especially when they become undangly.

    You are absolutely right, nk. I am not normal, never have been, never will be.

  15. It kind of looks like you had your penis buried under the skin and the urethral opening on the bottom.

  16. If I check for pointy moustache on google pictures, I see the non-blurred version of this and when I click on it, I see this site (with the blurred version). What is up with that?

  17. Chris, if you click the photo you will see the non-blurry version. We have no control over how Google indexes images but if you’re questioning why we don’t have the uncensored version, it’s just a matter of clicking on the image itself to see it.

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