Grey Matter

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s start the day off with the lovely Finch (seen wearing substantially less clothing here) and this very pretty chest piece, featuring…huh, what is that? Some kinda falcon or something? I’m no ornithologist. If only there were some sort of indication of what kind of bird this is! Sigh. I guess some mysteries were never meant to be solved.

Whoa hey, and also, it’s Friday! We made it! Sometimes we’re so bad, we scares ourselves.

(Tattoo by Brian Hutflies at Warlock in San Francisco, California.)

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31 thoughts on “Grey Matter

  1. Methinks that’s a blue tit? Maybe? (the bird that is…)

    Absolutely stunning. One of the prettiest chest-pieces I’ve seen in a long time :D

  2. it’s a Great Tit (Parus major)….Blue tits have a light blue cap & black eyestripe. Great tits have a black cap & no eyestripe.

  3. oh man! this is absolutely stunning!!
    if i were to ever get a chest piece i would want something with this effect :)
    it’s so gorgeous on her!!

    haha i don’t know what else to say, im just fully in love with this piece <3
    congrats to the owner

  4. That is so beautiful! I lament not being able to have color tats when I see work like this.

  5. i was gonna say black capped chickadee, but i think tiamet knows their shit. sci name and everything, fancy!

  6. The reason birds in the Paridae are called chickadees in the USA and not tits is because tits in the USA are the things in the lower half of the photo. XD

  7. Its some sort of tit, you can tell its a tit because of the white spot on the cheek under the eye, they all have that except the bush tit. The beak is also a dead giveaway, pointy like a needle where finches beaks are more laterally flattened. Order: Passeriformes genus: Paridae

  8. Well, a great tit that is, Parus major to be exact, as said before. Also a nice pun, BTW. :D

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