A Children’s Treasury of Bakery-Fresh Tattoos

Well, after last night’s exercise in grotesquerie, with all the dead famous folks, we figured some much-needed levity was the order of the day, and what better way to get our minds off of the tragedy of premature death than with sweet, delicious cupcakes? Miss Martin out of Shaman Modifications Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Austin, Texas, just sent in this series of cupcake (and other pastry-related) tattoos, because, hey, who doesn’t love cupcakes? Plenty more, after the jump.

See more in The Miss Martin Tattoo Mini Porfolio (Tattoo Artist Portfolios)

24 thoughts on “A Children’s Treasury of Bakery-Fresh Tattoos

  1. Miss Martin is just about the best thing ever. A lady as sweet as these tattoos.

  2. like you’re ever gonna shove diamonds, hello kitties etc in a cupcake
    so glad to live in cupcake-madness-free europe

  3. Blaarrgghh I love everything. I need about a hundred cupcake tattoos now. I should get a baked-good themed bodysuit.

  4. Can someone enlighten me as to what the object in the larger cupcake in the first picture is supposed to be?
    Pardon my ignorance if it’s actually really obvious.

  5. funny this was posted, i’ve been trying to view ‘cupcake’ in the tattoo keyword search option for a while now, doesn’t seem to be working anymore.. hopefully someone will tend to that.

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