Sneetches Get Steetches

Happy Sunday, ModBloggers! Hope the day finds you well. We thought we’d pop in to post this great Sneetches tattoo by Darryl Torgerson from The Temple Decor in Kalispell, Montana, which was accompanied by the following passage:

That day, they decided that Sneetches are Sneetches, and no kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches. That day, all the Sneetches forgot about stars, and whether they had one or not upon thars.

Granted, it’s no Green Eggs and Ham, which, of course, taught us all a valuable lesson about lunch, but this is pretty damn cute nonetheless. Oh, nostalgia.

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23 thoughts on “Sneetches Get Steetches

  1. i LOVE this! what an amazing idea for a tattoo, it has so much meaning behind it! (that is, if you know the story of the sneetches!)

    serpentsss (forgot how to link back to my IAM page)

  2. sneetches get steetches, ahahahaha.
    word jordan, word.

    i love this piece, the colours are great 😀

  3. the fella it belongs to is so hairy that the edges of the tattoo look like a felt coloring board!!
    i love it!

  4. Pretty sure considering you can see the shape of a tit on the right side of the picture that it’s a chick, not a guy.

  5. i know this sexy lady and her sister is way hot too 😀 they both have some fine art and fine asses 😀

  6. #12, you’re worthless. stop posting. she obviously sent in a picture of her TATTOO. not her face, not her sister or their asses. unless you can post something that has to do with the point of the post (THE TATTOO) then just shut the fuck up. #5 too…you’re both annoying.

  7. Lesha, are you retarded? You just said “unless you can post something that has to do with the point of the post (THE TATTOO) then just shut the fuck up”. Take your own advice.

  8. whenever I do post a comment, it has to do with the subject at hand. except this one, I got sidetracked and hit the submit button, which is why I am back. dick.

    anyway. this is way better than majority of the shit that people in send in. not too sure about all the white though…I’d like to see this in 6mos and see how the white holds.

  9. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!
    #5: I am a girl. The sunlight in that pic hit the little hairs just right to make me look semi-fuzzy haha.
    #12: Obviously you don’t know me because my sister is 14 and does not have any “art”. But you’re right about my ass ;P
    #16: The only white in the tattoo is actually in the scruff at the base of the Sneetches’ necks, the color in the sky around the blue is just my skin. The tattoo is also 4 months old now and the little amount of white there is, has held up perfectly thus far.
    Thanks again everyone!

  10. #13,#16 ….

    Jesus christ stop being such a cunt, as to your second post…you’re an awful liar, you only responded in the first place because you wanted to be a bitch, you can totally tell by looking at the pic for more then 2 seconds that the only white is at the base of their necks

  11. lets just all get along.. it is an awesome tattoo.. I acaully have a small sneetch start on my butt. I thought the star butt sneetches were the cuttest of all

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