This Week in BME

Good God, well, if this isn’t a fine way to wrap things up this week, I don’t know what is. Two of our returning champions, Heather (more) and Tracie (more, more), covered in blood (or a reasonable substitute), hanging out at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention, and conveniently captured sharing a tender moment by the good folks with Metal Disco Photography. Whew. Yeah. Well…yeah.

And that, friends, will be that for this week. What kinda good times did we have this time around?

Cats vs. Bees: The Revengening.

LA Ink made some unwise personnel decisions, but at least wang tattoos can save your ass.


One of the finer silicone implants we’ve seen in a while. Ahoy.

You’re not a man until you learn to tie a bow-tie.

A children’s treasury of dead celebrity tattoos! We are going directly to hell.

And finally, don’t steal money to fund your body modification procedures, you grinning douchebag.

We’ll make a casual appearance or two over the next couple days, but come Monday morning, this ship sails ahead at full speed. Sounds good? Sounds good. Until then, friends, enjoy yourselves, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME. We’ll see you soon.

Tattoo Hollywood, BME’s first tattoo convention, is coming to Los Angeles from August 21-23, featuring contests, prizes and some of the best artists from around the world! Click here for more information.

24 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. yes… this is what im talkin about…… hot chicks, covered n blood and playing with each other, there is nothing, and i repeat nothing better. well unless they were playing with me, but other then that very hott pic!

  2. Im sorry, but maybe its just me and being a female and all but, fake boobs are highly unattractive

  3. There really isn’t anything much more exciting than two beautiful, naked, woman playing with eachother while covered in blood. Mhmmm (:

  4. Heather’s breasts definitely got bigger and they look awsum.

    I love me a pair of boppes, or two for that matter.

  5. Well, I think her new boobs look great. I myself got implants recently, and I fucking love them!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It’s 05:57 a.m. and I see beauftiful girls covered in blood.
    I must be dead and in heaven.

  7. OMG. So perfect. I love the gentle way Tracie’s fingers touch Heather’s nipple… And Heather’s collarbone… Oh, beautiful picture… (*-*)

  8. lies! no hide the nipple! hahah i see a nip under the right ladys left hand look for the fuck you finga… sorry i dont care for names i have no clue who these fine women are

  9. Im curious to know what style implants she got, and how many cc’s… I hope she looks at this and tells me 😀

  10. I thought she got her breasties done- they’re really well done! I’m considering getting mine done- I’m worried what effect that will have on my chest piece though!

    Gorgeous picture- I love the chemistry!

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