Meat And Mass

Our old pal Brian Decker has been getting quite a bit of play on our hallowed pages here lately, but man alive, he has just been on a tear the past little while, has he not? Last week we saw some impressive implant work from him, and now he checks in with this gorgeous “Arabic henna style” cutting on the hand/wrist/forearm of Heather, who we just saw the other day as well, covered in blood or something equally great. And, of course, we’ve got a few more shots after the jump, because that’s how we do it around these parts.

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34 thoughts on “Meat And Mass

  1. @JackApple: ye..the end of the flower looks like a 6 and a 9 xD…twisted minds!

    what a great scar…

  2. gotta be one of the nicer looking cuttings iv seen hope theres a healed pic eventually

  3. Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic comments. To give credit where credit is due, the design was drawn by my girlfriend, Candace 🙂

  4. that is just simply gorgeous. Awesome design and quality. Really really hope it heals well…

  5. Please tell me that this is healing as beautifully as it looks right now. The width and depth of the cuts are more than just surgical, they’re perfect! I love the sunken look they have now, but a nice evenly raised keloid would be just as nice. Totally stunning design and amazing handywork by Brian.

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