The Rhapsodic Report

Hey, it’s been a minute since we’ve posted some bizarre animal tattoo, right? Unacceptable! Let’s right this egregious wrong with this piece by the folks who brought you Murder Penguin, artist Marcus Dove at Smiling Buddha in Savannah, Georgia, and the wearer, Jules, who, apparently, has some sort of thing for animals hanging out in Arctic locales and doing things they should not do. This photo arrived with the caption, “This is not where I parked my car,” which raises all sorts of questions. Why was a giraffe in the Arctic? Why did he think he parked his car at the icy peak of some horrible frozen death mountain? How was he driving in the first place? Why would he wear a scarf and nothing else? This tattoo is unrealistic and offensive to giraffes and mountains.

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6 thoughts on “The Rhapsodic Report

  1. I agree Jordan. What a disgusting display of animal slander. Where is PETA when you need them?

    :) I quite enjoy the look on his face.

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