And That’s The Way It Is

Ever since Michael Jackson died/was killed/got beamed back up to the mother ship/whatever, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the very best in tattoo portraiture to honor, poke fun at and generally remember the man and his music. Well, with the publication of this outstanding piece by Denis Prevost of Live Once Tattoo in North Bay, Ontario (on a 50-year-old client getting her second tattoo ever, no less), we’re going to close the book on ModBlog’s dogged pursuit of King of Pop pieces; we think this is a fine note on which to go out. Wouldn’t want to become too predictable, right? Right.

And with that, we’ll leave you for this evening. See you tomorrow, folks.

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38 thoughts on “And That’s The Way It Is

  1. i think his eye cud use more more sparkle or depth or something but its amazing. very 80s, which is where the red flick comes from…? maybe…? is it an album cover?

  2. i think the tattoo is very nice, but it doesnt seem to be MJ at all. We recognize it because we know, but its not very look a like :/

  3. this is pretty fucking epic. amazing work, i’m sure the owner wears it with a fuckton of pride

  4. doesn’t look like Micheal jackson? does anyone really know what he looks like anyway?

  5. Nice to see how this ended, AMAZING! I was getting work on my sleeve that same day. The worst part of this piece was the 4 hours of michael jackson they played in the shop, it was looped over and over and over…..

  6. Does not even look like a good caricature of Micheal Jackson. The skins all blotchie and everything is just wierd looking. I don’t understand all the “amazing” and “fantastics” this is getting.

  7. HAHA yeah, like mj’s skin WASN’T all weird and blotchy (#24). I really like dennis’ take on the sequins and how they compliment and don’t overpower the portrait (which looks like it’s from the pyrotechnic ‘disaster’ mj ‘era’ – I agree#2). Now, I’m no michelangelo, but I think it’s really nicely done, and if someone says it’s crap, they should do a nicer version and post it online for all the wolves to tear apart…

  8. It’s a very well done tattoo, but I just can’t get my head around why you’d want a tattoo of Michael Jackson?

  9. I would guess the same reason anyone would go to church is why they got it. They wanted too bottom line. Once again i am never amazed at the stupidity of comments comin from people hiding behind a name on here. I liked when only members could post comments. Now it just seems like a bunch of high school jocks talkin in a locker room here

  10. @_STIGMATA_ I’m not hiding behind a name…I just haven’t joined up.
    People are allowed their own opinions, mine is that I wouldn’t want a Michael Jackson tattoo – or a tattoo of anyone in fact. I can’t get my head around why someone would want it either.

    I don’t see why you have an issue with the differing opinions on this site, it’s hardly “high school jocks in a locker room”.

  11. Wow, people on BME making fun of Michael Jackson for being an eccentric?


    I bet some of you modded people hate when people judge you without even knowing you.

    Don’t pretend to be all ‘open minded’ and then turn around and act like little media-whore sheeple by disrespecting this amazing man. All you’re doing is regurgitating the filth the mass media has shoved down your throats.

    I say this with love <3.

  12. I know its been a while since this was posted but first off, i know the woman who got this and she loves it to death because she grew up loving MJ’s music, and i have to agree with you Korynn about the whole pot calling the kettle black thing.

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