The Cousin of Death

And finally, folks, as you prepare for bed or whatever it is you do once the sun goes down (rob blood banks?), here is your newest nightmare monster, some terrible devil-skull with human hands and the keys to, let’s see, Hades? Does Hades have keys? It does now, we guess, and that’s where this creature is taking you. Just follow the diamond. We’ll see you on the morrow.

(Tattoo, done in 30 hours, by Joe Folmar at 6th Order Tattoos in Buffalo, New York.)

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10 thoughts on “The Cousin of Death

  1. is the title a refference to a certain Atmosphere song??

    ove this piece, such great coloring

  2. Interesting. Great colour, looks really well done.

    Would give me nightmares though if that was splashed over my husband’s chest! lol.

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