A Dream Can Mean Anything

Ha, what a lovely coincidence—for the second week in a row, we kick off our Friday with a nice young lady with an upper-body bird tattoo! This time around, it’s the peacock-feathered rarr.ae generously housing a small hummingbird on her right rib (among other piece not quite visible in this photo). Cute! And hey, after the jump, FULL FRONTAL…ish.

It’s Friday, ModBloggers—remember to remember me.

(Tattoo by Karen Hall at Elemental Ink in Denver, Colorado.)

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23 thoughts on “A Dream Can Mean Anything

  1. i like the idea of having these birdies on the ribs instead of usual chest. and the girl’s nice too!

  2. wow she is gorgeous, love the tattoos but im still trying to find a click-through

  3. Damn, that Thorax piercing she has is fine as hell, what is that, a 12 cm?

    Wait, wait

    Its a towel rack.


  4. Hmm. At first I thought that was meant to be a joke (the towel bar looks like it goes through her chest).

  5. not much of a body on her. but the fair skin, the hair, the tat(s) make her sexy as fuck

  6. by the by..credit for the hummingbird goes to Karen Hall at Elemental Ink, my beautiful tattoo artist lady :]

  7. I know her! Oh my gosh. I know of her through the group of friends I have out with.
    And I got my tattoo done at elemental ink!

    Ah! Weird.

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