Keep Moving

It may surprise you to learn that your editor, who only spends about 20 hours a day in front of his computer, is not a particularly accomplished cyclist. The same cannot be said, however, for James, currently piercing at High Priestess Piercing, who’s either fixing something on his bike or just posing for some fancy through-the-spokes photo, either one of which is just dandy with us.

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14 thoughts on “Keep Moving

  1. Looks like he’s retensioning the chain on a fixie. …And it’s nice to see that I’m not the only cyclist that smokes. :P

  2. nice title to this one.

    “Lives touched, lives changed, lives lived. Voices I will never hear again. And that breaks my heart. Keep moving.” ka

  3. #4

    haha It’s cool I ride and smoke as well, I still think I’m an idiot for it though…lovin that red chain

  4. I love it when my fav. piercers get on modblog :D
    Jim’s done my oldest ear piercings, one of my tongue piercings, and my nose a couple weeks ago.
    And this photo is making me want to get my bridge done for my birthday.

  5. Sobo Del Norte?If it’s that bike, which I’m 99% sure, then it’s a single speed, not fixed.
    Unless he threw a cog on there…

  6. Holy shit, I go to Africa for two months and suddenly my favorite piercing shop is all over modblog. gotta love Jim.

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