Hold It True

Hey now, our old pal Anders has checked in from, we don’t know, somewhere amongst the spheres and galaxies, to show us this intense skin-removal piece he performed two months ago. Of course, scars are still apt to change beyond two months into healing, but sweet sassy molassy, this is shaping up beautifully. This is why, if you can help it, you always go to an alien for your various body modification needs, at least when you’re in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. Close-up shots, after the jump.

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17 thoughts on “Hold It True

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more beautiful skin removal / scarification healing! There’s still stuff to go wrong, but for now, it’s just perfect.

  2. Hey, let’s give credit where credit is due: This is on James, who is better known around here as LostCause! He’s got the whole story and a ton of pictures on his page.

  3. hope he show what this is looking like in another 6 months, it often takes that long to build up the mess this guy is sure to have on his tramp stamp area , if its looking this raised now – woo wee just you wait

  4. You see though, the thing with body mods is that I don’t care who it’s on. I care about who did it, etc.

    Beautiful work.

  5. We got mod blogged! Thanks for the comments everyone
    I agree with RU to a certain degree, of course you give most credit to the artist. But c’mon I maintained this piece so much. And it’s not the easiest when it’s there, as well as sleeping, sitting, I commute on a motorbike every day, you try and cover and tape that area by yourself in a mirror haha . The plan is to fill in the rest of my belt line; hopefully it all has similar results, it way look wavey, but its completly flat and smooth.

    So far it has healed completely even, with no bumps, or imperfections in the letters themselves, so let’s hope it stays that way.
    Anders is the man!

  6. haha thats my brother, look better in real life, lmao soz had to comment it .. nice bro

  7. Beautiful scar
    Design geeks everywhere cringe at the font… Who cares about them though ;)

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