Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Aug. 6, 2009)

[YouTube] Ha ha, so, you guys are all familiar with vampiric fashionista Christian Audigier and his fancy line of premium Ed Hardy T-shirts/underpants/bed sheets/catheters/crack pipes/etc., yes? These tattoo-culture-appropriating items haven’t been particularly popular among some of the, shall we say, more thoughtful fans of body modification, but finally, there is a trio of men brave enough to stand up to this corporate nightmare, via an old-fashioned rap diss track. Hooray! Andy Milonakis, Dirt Nasty and Rich Hill have joined forces to craft this masterpiece of the modern age, succinctly titled, “Fuck Ed Hardy.” We were kind of hoping this would have been the straw to break the camel’s back and sent Audigier on trip inside his psyche, questioning his motives and finally renouncing the dumb clothes he’s been making a mint off of, but apparently he just chuckled and then went about his day, unfortunately. Oh well. Even still, this is worth it just for the line, “It looks like a dragon threw up on your dick.” Oh yeah, NSFW, etc.

[WSMV] Look, we don’t know how many times we have to tell you that, above all else, BME is for the children—we are saying it constantly, in auditoriums and bodegas around the country, basically to anybody who will listen, and still our advice goes ignored, time and time again. So let us just say this one more time: temporary tattoos are trying to kill your children. Remember? Remember? This has happened at least three times now: Some innocent kid gets some low-grade henna at the mall or something and it ends up burning the shit out of them, permanently, and only once did the kid’s parents have the foresight to give him the bad-ass name “Cannon Cribb.” These other youngsters? Shit outta luck. Here’s the latest tale, straight out of Nashville:

An 11-year-old girl who recently received a temporary tattoo at an Opry Mills mall kiosk was left with painful and permanent scars.

The child’s mother said it was meant to be a simple symbol of softball team spirit, but her daughter was left scarred and burned.


“Each time a blister would bust, another one would form,” said the child’s mother, Tammy.


[The family's attorney] believes the girl’s injuries point to a type of henna known as black henna. It’s a chemical the FDA won’t allow for the temporary tattoos because it can cause this type of reaction.


“She has a lot of kids that’ll ask her, ‘Oh, you got a tattoo.’ And she has to go and explain, ‘No, I don’t. This is what happened to me,’” said Tammy. “I don’t want any more kids to get hurt.”

How many more children will automatically become the coolest kids in their school before this menace is stopped? Seriously though, whoever the mutants are who are just painting kids with this poison willy-nilly, you are worse than Mecha-Hitler.

[Twitter] And finally, the Meghan McCain Reality Tour keeps on truckin’! The almost-first-daughter of yesteryear has been known to display something of an “independence streak,” often talking about how much she loves the ol’ counter-culture, which is probably very troubling to her poor family. Below is a recent “tweet” missive of hers, in which she does nothing to dissuade us of the theory that her Twitter account is ghost-written by Marisa from Needles and Sins. (Kidding! Kidding! Love you, Marisa!)

Tattoo Hollywood, BME’s first tattoo convention, is coming to Los Angeles from August 21-23, featuring contests, prizes and some of the best artists from around the world! Click here for more information.

21 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Aug. 6, 2009)

  1. Kids come into the shop all the time wearing ed hardy shit and 95% of them have no clue who he is. They usually say he’s a fashion designer or something to that affect. God I hate people so much… so much.

  2. How does the fashion world’s misaapropriation of tattoo culture differ to the appropriation of indigenous cultures and their symbols that we see everyday on BME? Why is it okay to point out one and not the other? Fuckin’ hypocrites the lot of you.

  3. I like to think to think that no one actually gets tattoos that look anything like Ed Hardy designs. You know, like, GIGANTIC FUCKING EAGLE WITH A SNAKE AND A FUCKING MERMAID ON ITS BACK.

    But I know I’m wrong. Sigh.

  4. Ha, why does everyone seem to hate Ed Hardy so much? I think it’s just like any other brand, but a lot of people seem to have a lot of hatred when Ed Hardy is mentioned. I think it looks like any other colorful ass jacket, shirt, hat, etc out there nowadays. And even if people wear clothing by someone they don’t know, who gives a damn? I’m pretty sure people wear fashions by certain designers they know jack shit about.

  5. I love my Ed Hardy iPhone shell.. It’s probably a rip off.

    I have to agree with #5 though. There are very few original ideas left folks. Get over it!

    Also, Ms. McCain should go gay and run away with me: tattooed, pierced and an MBA candidate at UMD. Best of both worlds. I am SURE her parents WOULD love her showing up with my bald tattooed assed!!

  6. I can not fucking stand Ed Hardy. All of the design are disgustingly generic flash designs. Cheap glue on diamonds.


  7. ok, after hearing that song…..
    now i need an Ed Hardy Tshirt!
    never thought id want one but now i need one.

    will the real Ed Hardy please stand up?

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  9. You guys are taking this stuff way too seriously. It’s just clothing. Tattoos don’t BELONG to anyone, just because they are becoming part of some trends doesn’t mean you need to get so bitter.

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