Casting Call! Food Network Challenge Wants You

We get casting calls for modified folks all the time—some more interesting/tasteful than others, but this is one of the better ones! The Food Network is looking for some engaged (as in to be married) folks from the body modification community to have some wacky cakes designed for them. I won’t speak for the rest of BME, but I love me some Food Network, so this is one request I can pass on with a clean conscience. (PS: Bobby Flay, call me!)

If you use your body as a canvas for tattoos, piercings and wild hair styles, we want to hear from you. The highly rated show, Food Network Challenge is looking for an outgoing engaged couple to appear on its show. Couples should enjoy thinking outside the box. The couple will watch as four of the country’s best cake designers compete to make an extreme wedding cake just for them. These cakes will move and even shoot fireworks. Anyone interested should send a photo and short bio to [email protected]. Taping happens in Denver, CO at the end of August. Travel and hotel accommodations are paid for.

Tattoo Hollywood, BME’s first tattoo convention, is coming to Los Angeles from August 21-23, featuring contests, prizes and some of the best artists from around the world! Click here for more information.

15 thoughts on “Casting Call! Food Network Challenge Wants You

  1. whoaaa look at the weirdos and their weeeeiiiiiiiiird caaakes with firecrackers and shit on them! stupid.

  2. ohhhh maaaannnn!!! im getting married in one week! why couldnt they be doing this like a month ago! i still may apply for fun, but me and my fiancee are pretty “outside of the box”!!

  3. I don’t think anyone who truly “thinks outside the box” is going to apply to be on some campy show on the Food Network…

  4. BB: Maybe some of us don’t want classic weddings. Obviously, they are asking for the couples who may.
    Furthermore, who says you can’t have a classic wedding with a snazzy cake?

    It sounds like great fun. If I were getting married, I’d definitely want someone from Food Network (Ace of Cakes) to design any wacky cake I might want.

    Congratulations in advance to the engaged couple who are chosen!

  5. I am all over this shit!! I love food, im engaged and my finace is a stud .win win win

  6. Dammit, why did I find this two weeks too late?
    Do you people know how much an awesome wedding cake costs? I would absolutely sell out for a chance to have 4 choices of ridiculous wedding cake.


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