Measure a Thousand Times

See, now, this is why it’s recommended that you always use a cutting board when chopping various meats and vegetables—one wrong swipe and something like this could easily happen. Unless, of course, this is the sort of (relatively hardcore) erotic play in which you’re trying to engage, in which case a cutting board would probably just get in the way. All of which is to say, jack6two is not interested in any of your damn cutting boards, thank you very much.

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55 thoughts on “Measure a Thousand Times

  1. whats with all the outright discriminatory and judgmental anonymous comments on modblog lately? There were always a few here and there, but it seems like every post is flooded with them nowadays.

  2. I think it’s healthy to say “what the hell” to this picture

    you got problems if your slicing up your own weiner

    it isn’t “cool”

    and it definately won’t get you laid

    seek out jebus!

  3. I’m so sick of the judgmental comments made by dudes who aren’t secure with their own masculinity enough to admire someone’s determination.

  4. They’re just so much more well adjusted than this guy that they have to make sure everyone on the internet knows it.

  5. Jesus ban the haters from the community please!

    Great shot, thanks so much for sharing a personal image of your modification I would never of seen otherwise.

    Love it :)

    ps: haters: this website is NOT FOR YOU.

  6. It’s funny to find replies like most of the above on a Bodymod site.

    ‘Dear god WHY!’ sound familiar when you got your first tattoo or piercing, etc?

    Well now you’re one of THOSE people.

  7. “Dear god” might very well have been said while he was doing that but somehow I don’t think “why” followed it.

    Hardcore play like that isn’t my thing (pain is nice but I get twitchy about blood) but if it gets him off who cares? He’s an adult and has the right to choose what he does to his body.

  8. He really should be using a cutting board, cutting anything without a brace while naked is just plain dangerous.

  9. Kate #10….I bet you take it ass to mouth and it’s all Daddys fault.
    Just kidding I bet youre a swell gal.

  10. After reading the comments, I really wish I knew if people are more freaked out by the genital splitting or the knife play.

    If you’re really uncomfortable with this stuff, please be specific so we are better able to mock you. Open communication is the key to any good relationship, and ours is no different.

  11. I didn’t freaked out.
    to me, it’s just stupid.
    I guess we won’t see this guy in parents committee anytime soon.

  12. #19, Jack is married and he has kids, so why would he not be in parents meeting? #7 for you it is not “cool” but what gives you the right to make the blanket statement for all of us? Why are you trying to tell me that I should think it isn’t “cool” or I must be sick if I do something that you don’t agree with ? If I did it to someone else then we have a problem.

    the mindless lemmings can’t think outside the box. These are the people who march with the faceless masses, never stepping outside the line, into something that might be a challenge, or force them to think and act on their own. <

    they usually are not very smart either, as noted by the huge number that think you can’t have children from a major genital mod 21 century, sperm samples and in vitro fertilization, and this goes along with the numerous males who think the only reason they are here is to impregnate the largest number of woman they can. The small minded immature folk who for some reason think orgasm and sensual fun are not possible with mods, you are so wrong. These are usually the same ones who think sex is only possible if the guy sticks his dick in the girl, they have no concept of sex for fun and enjoyment only. These are usually the males who think foreplay is getting the gal drunk before he date rapes her. yeah, the small head thinks for the big headthe main reason I would not recommend major mods is because of the lack of acceptance. Society is still not willing to open up that the body is ours to do what we wish with.

    P.S. I wonder how many of the vanilla folk who post here voted for Sarah and listen to Rush, why think on your own? (hee hee, that is not open for debate, just another cut at the mentality of the scared of change people)

    P.P.S. Yes I am as twisted as Jack is, see my stuff on BME or IAM

  13. I hope that the multiple posting of the same thing gets edited out, but if not then I eat my hat and bow to the fact that I can be stupid also. Oops

    That said I would like to add some information here, now that my rant has cooled down. No, you don’t pee out of both sides. Everyone should visit “Grays Anatomy” (the web site not the tv show) or google “penis anatomy”. This would answer a lot of questions and even educate your self on how the most important past of your body (LOL) is put together and works.

    I can’t wave both halves around separate of each other, but that is not too say others may not be able to. I can flex both sides together, just as you can flex your dick (ask a guy to show you), and because the two halves are not connected they can flex and swing about (rather humorous and nice sensations). You probably could just use one side and cum, but why not use both?

    If you throw on a rubber or a few rings the dick holds nicely together and provides a large diameter mulli shaped dick for fucking if you wish. just as fun to play with it almost like a vagina, lots of rubbing, caressing squeezing, stretching. The halves can be hard or soft and I can still cum, another little perk thrown in for new and unusual sensations. From what I have seen most guys are missing all kinds of sensations and fun, whether or not they have mods. Since mods involve healing time( sorry the fantasy of doing a major mod cut in the middle of a sex orgy is highly exaggerated) I found that one can actually get off with out ever touching their dick, just takes time and the willingness to explore your own body.

  14. I’m not freaked out or judging, I’m just curious as to why he used a knife and not something else. scalpel? razorblade? or is it just because the knife is serrated?

  15. firstluff- thank you for the description.
    I like knowing what other peoples reasons are and what they enjoy about their mods

    Chad- i also agree partly “i think its healthy to say what the hell to this picture” makes sense. It is an extreme picture that not many people will click and not have at least a little “what the hell” type reaction.
    But the rest of your post is pretty harsh.

    Lots of people have genital mods which involve slicing up their wieners, and i can say from experience that it can get you laid and there are lots of benefits.

  16. If this is classed as “relatively hardcore” what do you class as “hardcore” ?

  17. You wanna know why.. Because most BMEr’s are willing to do anything to seem cool on this site. Most of them aren’t the brightest bunch and they think this is picture worthy.. Just ignorant people really.

  18. 25 – LOL coming from a guy who mods people with Vampire fangs…

    What ignorant is thinking this guy split his cock to get on modblog…

  19. Firstly thanks jack6two for posting, I would of never in my life see anything like this, I think its pretty rad (thought am not into blood play)

    Secondly I was wondering if you did this ofter, like do u have multiple scars in that area? And if this erotic for you what kind of feels and sensations do you feel from this kind of play? Is it like an arousal feeling? Or something else?

    ..just out of curiosity..=p

  20. “lots of benefits”
    like what? jamming your cock with both of your hands?
    or is it sucking your cock while fondeling the other “cock” with a hand?
    that shit is just pure stupidity.

  21. Firstluff….”P.S. I wonder how many of the vanilla folk who post here voted for Sarah and listen to Rush”

    Don’t worry….mein fuhrer Obama will shut the opposition down soon enough at the rate he is going.
    Talk about not thinking on your own…..He uses the word CHANGE in his campaign and some goons think he is doing something different. I hope you don’t like your First Amendment rights because they are going the way of the Dodo. He’s changing that, all right. Or do you not see past the smoke screen into his politics that are chipping away at our freedom?

    Goodbye Republic hello Democracy.

    You want change then go back to bed and in 2012 when there’s a new president we’ll wake you up.

  22. More and more stupid negative comments here… If you have not a more intelligent comment than “stupid!”, please shut up…
    When a photo of a nice sexy girl with 2 piercings on her face is published here, there are tons of “woooow so cool and sexy ! I love her !!”.
    It seems that BME readers had changed…a lot. What a pity….
    (sorry for my english, it is not my mother tongue)

  23. Why?

    Because he’s just really really into it, that’s why. It’s interesting, I see posts by him in various corners of the net commenting on this sort of thing when others have done similar, and his love and enthusiasm for it always very much comes across (and I think “of course it’s that guy again!”), so I’m not so surprised to find this :)

    The world, it is a large place.

  24. I just don’t understand what the big deal is if you see a modified cock, i mean why all the negative reactions?
    so you freak out seeing a knife through it, so if you saw a knife through an ear lobe or lip, would you freak out just as much? i think not, so why freak out because it’s a cock?
    and as for the golden question “why” probably for the same reasons as why did you get tatoos, piercings and anything else non cock related, answer: because he wanted to, just like you wanted to, it’s his body, and he could have chosen to keep his mods to himself, but decided to share them with us, afterall we are all looking on here and on bme, because we are interested, or else we wouldn’t look.
    why pick on Jack, have you not seen that he is not alone? there are 100′s if not 1000′s of men in this world with split cocks, the internet is just the tip of the ice burg!
    I totally agree with Firstluff’s comments, and i stand by him.

    I too am slowly splitting my cock, and i am a perfectly normal sane person in society, i do the mods for myself,and if a potential partner has a problem with my mods, then they are not my type anyway, there is some one out there for everyone, and i have loads of nice friends who admire my modded cock.

    I will be in Starlkers naked disco in London on the 18th September if you want to see me in the flesh, and you’ll see that i’m actually a very nice sane person, just that i have cock mods.

    it’s the 21st centery, isn’t it time we accepted these things, i’m sure you all heard of lizard man and cat man, to me their facial tatoos are more extreme than a split cock!

  25. Slipknot? are you kidding ?
    what the hell music got to to with this post ?
    but since you’ve mention it, I don’t like slipknot.
    don’t be an ass because i don’t like the idea of splitting the cock in two.
    you like that shit ? that’s good for you.
    i don’t.
    don’t even go there you hypocrite.

    as for the rest of you around here :
    i said “I DON’T LIKE IT”. get this through your head. I DON’T LIKE IT.
    the rest of you into it? good.

  26. Aviram – the way of saying ‘i dont like it’ is by not posting at all.

    Reason people are all pissy pants is there is no reason to be negative, you/we get a enough negativity from the real world and other websites that show modification articles. It would be nice if BME was a haven to support people rather then put them down.

    I guess it comes down to understanding that some of the time you just cant understand what people like to do, if that may be the case :)

  27. Yeah, well said.
    anyway, i won’t argue. but everyone has his own opinion.
    i suppose i could put it nicely. my bad.

  28. First off, Split dicks is gross, but hey, do what makes you happy.

    Second, why are you having political discussions? And Bif (#31) – seriously, go home.

    Third, if I want to post on the split dick image and say awesome or omg, then that’s that, quit beating people up about their closed mindedness, just like no one beats up those that say they like it.

    And Finally, I am so sick of all the scenesters on here and on the modblog. It used to be cool works, interesting pieces. Now it’s half naked girls with subdermals – Oh Man, that’s really original.

    And no, I don’t have an IAM account to log in as I never got a real one, you people won’t give me one, and I damn sure aint paying again when you lost my info the last two times.

    So I am a guest

  29. ahhh jeez! that looks painful. but still really fucking awesome.

    split dicks are so gnar. i wish i had the guts to get one.

  30. Totally agree with the guy above me.
    great words,man.
    about the half naked girls, totally agree. it’s disgusting.
    modblog tuned into PORNblog.

  31. seriously guys i don’t get why in every single post on this blog there’s a fight. Readers that don’t like the mods shown should just not post a comment. If you’re going to post something negative, at least be mature about it.
    what i don’t get is why subculture fights itself so much. Like seriously, it’s not your life so don’t give so much shit. I know everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say how damn annoying it is when a group of 10 mainstream girls walk up to you in disgust and point at your stretched earlobe and say “oh my god how did you do that!??!?! WHYYY?!?!? DID IT HURT?!!!?” These guys that are featured feel the same way. They’re probably rolling their eyes with me.
    seriously, just maintain the peace. It makes it all easier for us. hah

  32. hahaha #40, you must try to write your sentences ” I am so sick of all the scenesters on here and on the modblog. It used to be cool works, interesting pieces. Now it’s half naked girls with subdermals – Oh Man, that’s really original.” in a post like that and people will burn your dick ! lol
    I suppose that there are more and more readers on BME… with more and more “pretty” people… Or/and, perhaps less and less BodMods/performance/art enthusiasts…

  33. Hey 40- Ds3m you say “quit beating people up about their closed mindedness, just like no one beats up those that say they like it.”….. REALLY!?!
    “no one beats up those that say they like it.”?? Try the rest of main stream non modded society… this place is a forum for the open minded if you dont like it dont come here. As far as not beating up people about their closed mindedness; Will Someone PLEASE hand ma a baseball bat?

  34. hy, boys and girls – excuse me, that i answer so late, but i didnt notice, that my pic is in modblog and excuse that i dont understand all posts with my little bit english-knowledge.
    a great surprise for all OMG -sayers: after the first stitches through the cock meat with a little bit pain (yes!)
    the forwards- and back-moving of the knife was a wonderfull excitng feeling. i believe it has rubbed near a nerv point. i nearby would reach an orgasmn by this moving. i never had believed this to be possible – but its true!
    i set for minutes with the knife moving and had wonderfull feeling like jerking off…..
    Our cock is a wonderfull organ with always new experiences and surprises! And you can fell and experienc much things only by doing it!
    The reason of the slicing through my cock is, that i want to perform two holes in both cockhalfs for screwing them together or place a great ring through. Sometimes my wife wishes the pits together in ones.
    Thats the simple reason for this amazing modding.
    And ones additionally for all modder-opponents: You can only understand this modding – i believe – with the similar predisposition for modding. and you must know, that i (and we others too) feel less pain during manipulating and modding our genitals, because we are excited and our body sends out much hormons which let us feel no pain. Over Millions of years our bodies had learned this in dayli fights with injuries. You cant fight well with pain in your body and so the men with this quality overcomes more and better…

  35. Comments on the intensity of this is unnecessary.
    The photoshopping is PAINFULLY obvious.


  36. **Add on to my post above*

    Mind you, the split dick is real. Major kudos for going through with the ultra-mod!

    All the same… the knife is photoshopped.

  37. Hy DD and mechanic!
    Why should it be fotoshopped? The knife is from our kitchen and i mean the view of a great, raw and dangerous looking knife working and slitting through my little tender and sensitive cock meat, is much more amazing than a simple scalpell, isnt it? It makes me more horny and it is better for my crazy and wilful cock…
    And after genitals cutting i always am very relaxed and satisfied like after sex…
    And perhaps somedays the hole is great enough for my wifes finger and she can pull me to the bed for nice games as like her mind, she wants me – a horny imagine…. (at the time around 12 mm already! a thick pencil goes through)!

  38. I don’t know why, but everytime, right after reading your posts, i get this huge boner.
    and i don’t even like cocks.

  39. Hye Aviram – cocks are a wonderfull gametools, but they are horny, wilfull and have their own life and make with the most men, what they want, in teamwork with their nearby placed nuts. Because of this also so many men want to loose one or two of her nuts for a better own life.
    But so i have also great lust and desire to torture my little fat and crazy cock – its good for us two and wonderfull feeling if the knife slits slowly through the poor and crazy cockmeat – and it makes him very lovely in my hands! He dont want to be cut – but he has! and he cant do anything against my intension! over the other time again i cant do very much against his intension….

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