Unto Others

Ha ha, well if this isn’t some sweet retribution. We’re used to seeing Xed Le Head inflict unknown pain and suffering on various clients, but now the tables have turned! Here he is, getting a taste of his own medicine, courtesy of Pink (from Tattoo Pink in Hasselt, Belgium). Really though, this is just a whole lot of incredible tattoo work in one place, and judging by the stoic display, this is just further evidence that Xed is nothing if not the consummate bad-ass.

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10 thoughts on “Unto Others

  1. Why don’t my tattoo artist tattoo me topless? I don’t think I’d really want to see mine topless, but still, I feel like half the posts on here where an artist is tattooing he’s shirtless.

    I’m not complaining at all about any of the work above. I find it extraordinary.

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