No Need For Temples

Hoo boy, so, I was honestly just kidding yesterday when I mused about the possibility of Nelson Mandela being dragged through the mud by some commenters, but sure enough, it literally took only a single post before a political flame war broke out. Hey, fine. I guess Mr. Mandela is a more polarizing figure than I’d anticipated. But you know, I do so enjoy a challenge, and this gorgeous portrait of the Dalai Lama was too good not to share, but I’m curious now—what sorts of terrible, unseemly revelations will be unearthed following its posting? Did he buy an HD TV, but hasn’t yet sprung for an HD tuner? Has it been weeks since he’s emptied the dehumidifier? Is he hiding a Kenyan birth certificate? Don’t let me down, folks.

(Beautiful tattoo by Dave Allen at Preying Mantis Tattoo in Lakewood, Colorado.)

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21 thoughts on “No Need For Temples

  1. I thought it was the black father from ‘Good Times’

    But then again that shows my ignorance more than anything lol.

    Nice portrait ;)

  2. Nice portrait…well done…though I’m not too fond of the shadowed neck part of it…I think it would’ve looked better without that as just a floating head :-P

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  5. I wouldn’t call the Dali Lama homophobic. True he has said that chastity will bring about greater happiness than (gay) sex, but you really should look at the teachings of Buddhism on sex before calling him homophobic.

    It seems like many people seem to confuse neutrality with homophobia. Many of my relatives have stated that they *do* see homosexuality as a sin, but have been nothing but supportive of me in my lifestyle, even though they happen to disagree with it.

  6. Thank you for sharing my tattoo to the world. Dave Allen is a master and I have the privilege to wear his art proudly. Also have Einstein, Beethoven and Nikoli Tesla is coming next week.

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