The Sky On His Back

And here we have a, shall we say, rather unwilling resident of the Palmetto state. This young lady recently packed up and moved to South Carolina, and was not exactly thrilled about her new locale. One thing that’s helped her adjust? That little bluebird tattoo.

I moved to South Carolina from New Haven, Connecticut. I never liked living in S.C.—actually, quite frankly I hated it. One morning, though, I woke up and saw a different kind of bird in a tree in my back yard. It had a blue back and a bright reddish/orange breast; my dad told me that it was a bluebird. For some reason this one little bird was like a ray of positivity over my heart, and I eventually learned that bluebirds were a sign of good luck. I connected blue birds as my good luck charm and that I will survive living in the bible-belt. I’ll always carry that good luck with me wherever I go.

(Tattoo by Tim Brewer at Body Graphics Tattoo in South Windsor, Connecticut.)

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20 thoughts on “The Sky On His Back

  1. she is quite sexy. and fret too hard on the bible belt. i know it sucks, im from nc. tattoos can make any situation better

  2. Meh. I guess she’s alright, if you’re into extremely good-looking women in sexy lingerie and sporting a sweet little spot of ink.

    In all seriousness, I think more of us need to move to places like the Bible Belt. Think of it as mission work: bringing a little color to a people that would benefit from a touch of diversity and understanding of others.

  3. You know… I agree with you, #3.

    Also, she’s gorgeous, and I’m terribly fond of her hair. And the tattoo looks good, but a closeup would be appreciated.

  4. Once again, modblog delivers…

    Oh who am I kidding, can we just show the freakin tattoo with some detail, or is that too much to ask? No? Just lascivious boob and booty shots?

    Fair enough.

  5. im always a fan of birds. this pretty ladys sports it well, though im agreeing with all the above who would also like to see a close-up

  6. well she must be in a sucky part of SC to hate it so much…i love it here…and she is a beautiful addition to the state

  7. I grew up in SC and just recently moved to ME. It’s definitely not a fun place to be if you can think for yourself and enjoy creativity and beautiful people with beautiful body modifications =|.

  8. I lived in SC for a while… sucks balls. So I left for colder climes and fell in love with the modding community in Chicago. Now I’m gone from there too. Bah.

    I feel your pain, lady!

  9. Soon as I move from SC, BME goes posting hot modded girls that live there now. Damn.

  10. i agree with najee’. i was born and raised in sc and i love it as much as i love beautiful body art. stupid doesn’t discriminate. there are idiots everywhere.

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