Why Or Whither

Well folks, after a few months of her being a chilly cock-tease, summer is finally here in all of her mood-ruining humid glory. Hooray. Perhaps the sole benefit of warm weather? Permission to eat all the damn ice cream you please. The lovely HocusPocus up there certainly has the right idea. Sure, she might try to tell you it’s “gelato” or some sort of other fancy European-style snack, but don’t be fooled by this shameless propaganda. Take a moment, admire her Jim Miner-inked tattoo work, and then get you some damn ice cream. You’ve earned it.

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18 thoughts on “Why Or Whither

  1. that is one excellent looking chest-piece… aswell as medusa… and lobes…
    agh! fuck it, i like all of it!

  2. @3 – How so? I thought Rachel’s was blue and…a completely different flower

    I like her chest piece the most – wish I could see the other half of it :-)

  3. ‘Neurosis” – Jim Miner did both of those tattoos so that is why they look alike. and how exactly is rachel a bitch?

  4. why would jim do the same tattoo on the two different people? good thing they are the same flower just different colors, and shape and everything. cause no one has a flower on there neck. stop being nit picking cunts!

  5. I’m not sure what type of flower her neck tattoos are but they’re not the same flower as mine. She has something that is more traditionally tattooed and I can’t think of the name of it off the top of my head.

    I’ve never run across anyone with the same kind of flowers that I have. I doubt anyone even knows what the name of them is. :P

    I do though! :)

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