Bloom Complexion

Whoa hey, sorry for the late start today, folks! Apparently the Internet here at your editor’s palatial estate shuts on down when the temperature rises above 112 degrees. Anyway! The lovely sugarbritches checks in from sunny Atlanta, Georgia, where the people are used to this sort of wretched heat and are likely far more stoic than yours truly, showing off this colorful floral, fruity chest-piece featuring not just a “Sacred Peach” (right?) but also Georgia’s state motto. Now if anybody needs me, I’ll be in the shade of a pecan tree, drinking a tall glass of sweet tea and praying for an iceberg to hit my house.

(Tattoo by Malia Reynolds at Memorial Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia.)

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18 thoughts on “Bloom Complexion

  1. Lovely!! Both the tattoo and the freckles:-)
    I’d like to see some more of her arm/shoulder/back.

  2. Oh hey! I think I saw this on the ihearttattoos community on lj earlier this week. Loved it then, love it now.

  3. freckles! love.

    I really don’t like chest pieces on girls for some reason, but this is just so darn pretty and sweet. I love that she included moderation.

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