Your Lips Rewrite History

If there’s one thing for which Chris Glunt is good (and there is, of course, more than one thing!), it’s having the vision necessary to pull off some incredibly beautiful and difficult suspensions. It was earlier this year that he suspended for six hours, and there’s no shortage of other impressive efforts in his repertoire. This time around, he, Josh and BBB headed to an abandoned gold mine:

[It] had some pretty breathtaking views to do a few suspensions. It was a four-and-a-half-mile uphill hike to get to the mine, but it was definitely worth it. Once we arrived, we took a good look around and began to rig. Fortunately, the place was very well-suited for suspensions, thanks to a large metal I-beam structure left behind from the gold mining days. Once we got it all worked out, we made our way into the mine to do the piercings. Piercing a mile or so inside the earth was an interesting experience and definitely added to the experience as a whole. Once we made our way in pretty far and found a nice spot that wasn’t wet, we set up an impromptu piercing area near one of the caved-in tunnels. Piercing with only the help of a few dim flashlights and nothing to mark with made it even more intense. Once we were finished we made our way out of the mountain and lifted Triple-B up and onto the rig facing the sheer couple hundred-foot drop. The added anxiety from thinking you could die any moment overlooking that drop off surely heightened the suspension.

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