Red in the Face

“Hey, jackass,” Angela writes in, “thanks for posting my Ed Perdomo backpiece a little while ago, but you didn’t even include all the sweet detail shots! Plus, he’s at a different studio now. Try not to screw it up this time, jerk.” (I’m paraphrasing here.) Anyway! We’ll use any excuse we can to get a better look at this beautiful project by the aforementioned Ed Perdomo, who can now be found at Amigo Ink in Trollhattan, Sweden. Go to him. After the jump, more detail shots of this general awesomeness.

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11 thoughts on “Red in the Face

  1. Awesome
    I do like the geisha’s face, seems different than in usual oriental tattoos, but I think it goes with the whole backpiece
    And, well… Gotta say I’d like to take a bite there too =P***

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