We Have Each Other

Shepard Fairey, as we all know, is a retired professional wrestler from the former Soviet Union, and now works as a propagandist with the Obama administration (I just skimmed Wikipedia, that’s about right though, isn’t it?), but he is actually a pretty talented artist! Also, his work has been turned into tattoos once or twice before, and these have actually been of a pretty high quality for the most part. This particular sleeve, as we can see, is no exception whatsoever, and was done by Ryan Mason out of Scapegoat Tattoo in scenic Portland, Oregon.

28 thoughts on “We Have Each Other

  1. Thats the most beautiful thing I have ever seen……looks like I’m going to Portland for my next tattoo.

  2. #owleyes
    indeed i also like the womens faces he designs ,especially on t-shirt , when i walk through my city with the t-shirt on almost everyone looks at the t-shirt haha never saw anyone with that t-shirt in my town too
    hihi ^^

    oh and very nice piece to offcourse

  3. thats one of the best sleeves Ive ever seen. I love how all the separate elements fit together so well.

  4. Great work, but I really hope I don’t run into this person while I’m wearing my shirt with the same Athena design as on his shoulder while out and about in Portland…
    That’d just be awkward.

  5. I agree one of the most beautiful sleeves ever. I can’t stop looking at it. Beautiful design and artful execution.
    Damn good.

  6. I love it, to take this 2d art and make it wrap so effortlessly around a deformed cone shape (the arm) is impressive and the simple red sunburst background is absolutely striking!

  7. Very nice tattoo, I would like to one day travel from New Zealand to Portland to get tattooed at Scapegoat tattoo.

  8. I cannot stop drooling over this. Everything fits together so perfectly, it looks like it was meant to be there.

  9. MALORY! I’m wondering if Ryan submitted this, because I know Mal didn’t. I let her know about the post and i’m sure she’ll be stoked on the compliments.

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