Gilded Splinters

We kicked off the week with these UV ink tattoos by Stephanie Campbell at Dragon FX Kingsway in Edmonton, Alberta, but the question remained among many: What do these suckers look like when not under the glow of one of your fancy ’70s blacklights? Well, Stephanie checked back in with these shots to illustrate the difference. Check out the difference after the jump.

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7 thoughts on “Gilded Splinters

  1. the only thing I can say I dislike about this is how much fire there is. but that’s really a matter of preference. overall, this is neat.

  2. Hahahaha! It’s awesome to see this on here as well! Thanks guys!

    As for the color of it, it is actually UV Primary Yellow by Crazy Chameleon. The clear is the only one that disappears, while the colored inks are visible in daylight hours.


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