Strapped To My Boot

See, now, some people may not agree with the opinion that this play piercing project by Mike Kelton of Karma Tattoo and Body Piercing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is, in fact, a better and more effective sartorial option than the shoulder strap that has been eschewed in favor of it. “But Jordan,” they say, “it does not help keep her shirt on, nor does it fit with the shirt’s color scheme! It is merely a nicely executed design constituting a series of needles that serves no actual structural purpose at all!” To which we reply, Exactly. More procedural photos after the jump.

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9 thoughts on “Strapped To My Boot

  1. It would look a lot more cooler if she had this done as a tattoo- seeing that I am one who has had 332 surgeries done and I know what the tip of the dang thing looks like when they are trying to place an IV in and also to draw your blood- it looks like she is just someone who wanted this done where she can get high and not have to worry about doing it herself. If you ask me this does not look good on her- now the art work yes that is nice but like I said it should have been a tattoo- but that is for me to say and I see many others think different.

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