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The last time we featured Lewis Dodd here on ModBlog, we were all admiring his fantastic back-piece, but did you know Mr. Dodd is a body modification practitioner (at Glorybound Tattoo in Exmouth, UK), too? (Well, yeah, you almost surely did.) With that said, here’s a silicone finger implant done by him, one month old in this photo. We’ve seen trans/microdermals in this area before that have healed well, but—and this is just our own typical discomfort talking, here—we can’t help but think something like this would drive us crazy. But hey, in terms of the inherent problems and difficulties working in such a small area and given that it looks relatively happy a month into the healing process? We give this one an “A” for effort at the very least.

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9 thoughts on “Point At My Spots

  1. i think implants like this ar really cute and cool , but the only problem i have with seeing this is , isn’t a place on the body like this not to risky for implants ? as i see it i immediatly think , i move , twist , etc my fingers hundreds of times a day , and i think it will itch or be uncomfortable so much , or even reject ….

    but hey i geuss i’m wrong cause it’s in it for allready a month so i geuss it can stay longer in ther ;)

  2. When I first saw implants done I desperately wanted them, just as I did transdermals in my scalp. I waited to see what peoples bodies did, and after seeing the mess of the transdermals and a few rejected implants, im carefully weighing thos options. Its good to see things like this take well, and I hope 10 years from now its just as good. But I do worry, and will look forward to updates!

  3. Deadman, i have implants that are about a decade old and they are fine everyday. That said they are on my forearms just above my ulna bone. theres no movement really and the chance of tissue damage is quite low (at least comparatively)

    Implants on hands and fingers and stuff really worry me. This one on the finger is so close to the tendon that straightens your finger. The rubbing of that could over time cause a lot of damage or scaring to that tendon. Having recently had surgery on my flexor tendons, i can say its a terrible recovery if its ever needed.

    I hope it works out for them because if it stays itll stay looking pretty badass.

  4. Another issue I can see here is that it looks like the tattoo looks older (and in need of a touchup) and to my knowledge impants are prone to migration. It doesn’t look centred with the star atm tbh.
    All the same, it is a cool idea:D

  5. I have had implants in my hands for 2 1/2 years and I have had no problems and I sometimes forget they are there. All of my other implants are under tattoos and most of them have shifted a little which is to be expected. The shifting is more noticable when they are put under tattoos. I think this looks nice and I wish them luck.

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