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Oh hey, it’s Hack! You all remember Hack from this beatific shot from last winter, right? Well, we’re glad to see him at any rate. We cannot figure out, however, exactly what it is he’s trying to force down that bothers him so much. Something obtained from the pond behind him, perhaps? Some tree bark? A DREADLOCK? Whatever it is, if it’s a staple that plays a role in the statuesque appearance possessed by him and so many of his countryfolk, we will take several boxes of this vile creation. In all fairness, he does seem to warm to it just a touch…after the jump.

And just like that, there goes our week, ModBloggers. This time around:

- Stephanie started us off with this living X-ray.

- SweetNausea had herself a helium party, and we were all invited. To watch, at least.

- Babasom for president!

- That’s a bold rose right there.

- Siobhan and Kevin got all up in our sweet, delicious brains.

- Brian Decker is coming to Austin, Texas, and he’s carving a damn octopus into everyone who looks at him wrong along the way.


- Oh yeah, and BME Shop is still having a 40 percent off sale on tons of ear jewelry (and more) until Sunday at midnight! Go go go!

And that’s the way it ends, folks. Have yourselves a lovely weekend, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.

18 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. I have a hard time believing those dreads are real.
    How can they grow that long in 10 months?
    I don’t know, maybe they can.
    Pinkie out man, pinkie out…

  2. I’ve been in love with his dread mullet since the first time i ever saw him! Lovely.

    Love his nostrils!

  3. It’s clear kaos silicone eyelets in my nostrils, but it’s very similar with the look of ink caps. and by the way you are not the first person telling me things like that about these eyelets.)

  4. Did he take his labret plug out or something?

    In the previous shot he was sporting a rather hefty labret plug! Its gone down amazingly well- I was always under the impression that they would leave quite large holes.. Super cute~! :D

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