It was a bear.. I swear.

Dave wrote me the other day to let me know he’d redone his facial scars. Apparently they didn’t work as he’d wanted the first time. Quinten from Kalima Body Piercing Studio in Worthing, England “burnt him a little deeper for a better scar.” He also included a photo of him and John “fooling around” after the branding was complete. I hope to see these healed and I hope they work out this time. I can’t imagine it’s a procedure you want to do a third time. Practice makes perfect, I suppose.


More pictures after the jump.



17 thoughts on “It was a bear.. I swear.

  1. interesting. he can go about and create tons of stories about a shark, pirates, wild sex in an small space…the real question is, will he stop at two?

  2. i get my body modification done at kalima its an amazing place.

    iv also met this guy hes really lovely :D

  3. oh i just adore facial scars, too fucking classy. i’d love to see this healed as well as pictures of how they looked before (when they didn’t look like he wanted).

  4. Damn those sloth with red hot claws…
    I do have and honest question, why was a branding procedure opted for over straight up scarification?

  5. dammit demented! you beat me to it. good form. but yes, these are pretty striking. i also like it that the wearer is older (hopefully lessening the “you’re going to regret that when you get old”) reaction. good stuff.

  6. quentins the man for branding, thats why #14

    p.s i made john’s plugs

    p.p.s john hurt his hand doing the washing up.

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