An American Boy from Russia

He didn’t leave an IAM name but he did say he’s from St. Petersburg. Russia. He was out with a friend who wanted to take photos of him. His implants are by Arseniy Andersson from Saint-Scalpelburg in St. Petersburg. If you look closely, I think his arm is greylined and he’s begun work on sleeves. It’s pretty amazing to see such a blank canvas with implants. At first I was about to reject this submission as not having mod content because his skin is so fair.


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31 thoughts on “An American Boy from Russia

  1. “At first I was about to reject this submission as not having mod content because his skin is so fair.”

    mmh..because bmenews has never features naked female-bodied people with the puniest of visible modifications, right? i smell hypocrisy.

    either way, good looking fellow.

  2. Hmmmm…

    Did he send in any other pictures?
    I’d really like to see a better angle on his arms.
    Especially the one with the tattoos.


  3. H3cknot3kno: I have processed a few more photos of the young man recently, I cant tell you from memory for sure that there is any detailed photos of his implants or his tattoos. Either way if you check the 3D implants section on BME extreme after tomorrow’s update you will likely find more photos of him. His arms seem to only be blood lined and we may likely see a sleeve evolve in the next few months from that.

  4. Waywardson: Reread my comment, I said I didn’t notice any mods in the photo at first. How is that being a hypocrite??

    If someone sent in a photo like that with no mod content, it wouldn’t get posted. It’s not “someone doesn’t have ENOUGH” it’s someone “not having ANY”.

  5. I agree with VOMIT, and being pale rarely complements anyone, him not being an exception! Nothing against him though.

  6. Is it just me or is ModBlog looking more and more like an advertisement for Hot Topic? Let me guess, even if they do have just one tiny, shitty little tattoo, as long as they are naked and have huge bewbs, they’ll make it on modblog right? Come on…….

  7. Yup, it’s Loki again. He is from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. And his arm implants is poor done)))) I know this guy. We’re live in one city and sometimes see eachother on the Fests and other sort of events.

  8. I hate his implants on the arm… but i love to see more of the tattoo on the other arm, i think it will look wicked once its finished 😀

  9. “…His implants are by Arseniy Andersson…”
    Arseniy A. – is the guy on picture. Loki is his old nickname and Arseniy is his real name. His implants are selfdone.

  10. thanx for explanation, goldie 🙂
    loki is my old nickname,

    for ppl who don’t know me:
    these selfdone subdermal implants are my own first work.
    they’re just experimental.
    btw now i have more cute 3D on right forearm 🙂

  11. Anderrson…..u are silly idiot.
    Everything that you are doing in body modification is rightly bull shit! You are pretty – that`s true……but all what u`ve done with your body is shit!

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