High Wire

Constant Elevation just played a pretty damn good trick on my eyes. I was like, “OMG! Norm come check this out!” and then he pointed out that he’s just holding a bike with no front tire, not riding a unicycle on a tight wire. Either way, I’m going to keep telling myself it’s a high wire act!


Click through for the shot that broke my hopes into pieces.


See more in “Suicide” Suspension (Ritual)

20 thoughts on “High Wire

  1. heh, it wasn’t meant to look like he was on the power line, just the way the picture turned out!
    btw, he’s actually dressed as a kangaroo.

  2. its funny that this picture is filed under “ritual” when it takes place in a junk yard with a broken bike and a guy in a kangaroo outfit. “look at what i can do!!”. seems like there should be a place for this ,similar to play piercings, but for suspensions

  3. speaking as a unicyclist, if you know how to ride a unicycle you’d find is considerably easier than wheelie-ing across on a mutant BMX,
    what a mad man!

  4. @Jasn
    Define ritual. Doe’s it have to involve burning insence? Or could it be hanging out with friends, wherever you see fit and wear whatever you like?

  5. Håvve: The rituals I have been involved in where you where present never required sage or eagle feathers however did always involve friends and someone yelling “POPCORN!” before the day was considered over.

  6. Awsome. Was he doing tricks and stuff? Like a suicide triple superman tailwhip or something…

  7. i think it (ritual) is a frame of mind that you enter. i also think (my opinion) that they should be serious to a certain degree… but then again hazing is a ritual….. im not hating, just find the categorizing funny.

  8. Hopefully a harness gets used the next time someone is lifted that high off the ground. Monkey see Monkey Do….I’m just saying….

  9. Mikey: I totally agree with the use of an harness for high suspension . this is more the result of the crane drive and the suspendee see how high they can make it go.
    possibly not the most responsible thing to do without safety.

  10. Yea, we’ve all done stuff like that in the past but as soon as there is an accident because we neglected the common sense approach, the whole community gets set back. You have to think even though its your choice to take the risk it affects alot more people. My rule is if I want to be a dumb ass and try something that is obviously not safe, I make sure there are no cameras going off and then it will be all a fairytale if something goes wrong…lol

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