Hot Topic enough for you?

I couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d get a jump on the day and wake Modblog up bright and early.

Dark Freak from Luck All did the implants on this lovely lady. He didn’t include her name but I’m sure someone can suss that out for me. I can’t wait until I can make it down to South America again so I can see some of these Brazilian beauties first hand.


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12 thoughts on “Hot Topic enough for you?

  1. Such a good post!

    Well well, this beautiful lady is Karina and she is a good body piercer around here!

    Congratulations to Dark Freak, he deserves it and so much more! <3


  2. Ohhhh … I was very happy to have mnha picture posted here! This work on my arm implants 3d
    fo done by the most sweet and loving I have ever met! In addition to a great professional became a great friend, Dark thank you for that! : *

  3. Yes, simply very beautiful work of the Dark, is to be congratulated for this, I hope to do a job with him one day yet, that’s it, Brazil is for body modification, we have great people and I’m sure that will continue growing, strong embrace, even more

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