Is that a threat or a promise?

Dark Freak is certainly looking the part for his IAM name. Thiago Marzano snapped this shot of him in Brasil and it definitely doesn’t change my opinion that all of the BME Brasilian members are either heavily modded, good looking or both. 2010 is going to be a busy year because I already have plans to go to Japan, Italy and most certainly I’ll be heading to Brasil. I’m hoping we can put together a big Brasilian BME BBQ because that would be tons of fun. I can only imagine what beautiful tropical setting we can fill with BME’ers!


See more in 3D-Art Implants (Implants) (members only)

12 thoughts on “Is that a threat or a promise?

  1. Damnit! I can’t afford to go to Brazil twice in a year. =p
    Do the BBQ at New Year instead. I’ll be there! ;)

  2. That reminds me, what happened to that guy ( I think he was from Brazil tho I may be wrong) who had the huuuge horns and had his nose flattened to look like someone out of Harry Potter?

  3. This man makes me think naughty thoughts! Gosh, so gorgeous. The implants look great on him, and of course he’s able to pull off everything else as well.

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