As rose with any other name

One of the biggest “issues” that the modification community used to have to deal with was the overwhelming abundance of male dominance. While most tattooers and piercers are still male, there is an increasing upsurge in female participation. Maybe it’s just easier to modify your junk if you’re a man? Perhaps it was simply more socially acceptable as a man?

That being said, I have a little treat this morning for you!


Did I trick you or did you cheat and look at the tags? The answer simply is that guys have more options. I know if I had a penis I’d definitely have a meatotomy and a little hidden surprise for the ladies in my life.


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27 thoughts on “As rose with any other name

  1. As awesome as that is, I NEVER want to feel a tattoo needle in my urethra. Definitely amazing. I hope he used some sort of numbing agent for that!

  2. I feel like I have just seen what must have been the most painful tattoo ever. I am sure his is probably less sensitive with the split and probably sounding play, but damn…

  3. I had mad penis envy for a long time because I always thought male genital piercings were nicer. Then I got my own… not as jealous anymore. :’)

  4. I knew it was a wang but I thought it was on top of the glans, not in it! It’s awesome.

  5. totally thought this was going to be a female one…gotta start reading ya dere tags.
    um, I guess SURPRISE!!! for doctors, lovers, and mod artist of choice.
    but, I kinda find it…lame. sorry.
    like, YAY, you can ink your meatus. now what?
    coffee and a delicious piece o’ pie…that’s what.

  6. I’d be very interested in knowing how old the tattoo was in the picture and – if as I suspect – it was fairly new, I’d love to know how it held up over time.

    And even though I don’t have a winky, I echo the ‘ouch’ that everyone seems to be feeling!

  7. Wow. That’s some serious dedication thar.
    I’d like to know the guy’s motivation behind this. Did he just wake up one day and go “Oii, I’ma tatto my urethra.” or is it some bizarre inside joke/etc.

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